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The dollar was amnestied

by deputies of the State Duma have decided not to forbid to use the state employee in public speech of a word dollar and euro .

the Bill punishing officials and members of parliament for worship to a foreign currency, has lain in the Duma almost year. Yesterday deputies have accepted it in the third reading, in a root having changed the bill concept.

In the accepted amendments speech about an interdiction does not go any more. Officials can estimate the Russian economy in that currency in what to them will order federal laws, decrees of the president, and deputies and senators should not break regulations of chambers thus still. As any statutory acts directly speaking about preference of rouble to other foreign currencies while is not present, the state people are free to choose, in what to designate financial indicators.

the standard unit Mention according to the accepted document will disappear only in advertising of the goods. For what all this sensation with an interdiction if on - former to shops and travel companies have allowed to specify the price in standard units is necessary, - the deputy from fraction of LDPR Sergey Ivanov was surprised to the unanimous decision of the lower chamber. - It has turned out as in a joke when on a question of the ensign, whether tanks fly, the recruit has answered: Fly, if the general tells .