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Yanukovych has won

Yushchenko has saved the face

Yesterday in Victor Yanukovych`s government two persons from a president`s team have entered at once: it the intellectual motor Arseny Jatsenjuk has headed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the party leader of industrialists and businessmen (PPPU) Anatoly Kins became the Minister of Economics. A part orange has regarded it as defeat, but the majority of politicians tell about the compromise: early election is not favourable almost to anybody.

Both naznachentsa have a solid track record. Economist Jatsenjuk never worked as the diplomat. After orange revolution it became the Minister of Economics in Yury Ehanurova`s government, and then has entered into secretary of the president. On a political field has proved as evroatlantist and the supporter of military support of Georgia. Kins was the prime minister at Leonid Kuchma, after a Maidan it has appeared in projushchenkovskoj fractions Our Ukraine also has entered into Security Council. Together with Kinahom in Yanukovych`s camp from Our Ukraine nine members PPPU are ready to pass.

Naznachenie Jatsenjuka have met as a whole benevolently. Though, representing it in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Victor Yushchenko has punished to conduct Ukraine in the NATO, in ruling coalition hope that at a brilliant analyst mind of it will suffice not to do. Leaving of Kinaha, on the contrary, has caused in orange camp an indignation storm. The president named it a shame also has regretted that stood with Kinahom on a Maidan. It at once have excluded from Our Ukraine and Security Council, and Yulia Timoshenko has declared that Yanukovych`s supporters have bought up people of Kinaha for millions dollars .

the Coordinator of the parliamentary majority Raisa Bogatyryov is happy: as she said, the ruling coalition will soon receive 300 voices necessary for overcoming of the veto of the president, and then the power it is white - blue becomes almost absolute. That it does not happen, Our Ukraine threatens to deprive of potential deserters of deputy mandates on the basis of the law punched by Yulia Timoshenko on the imperative mandate. 48 deputies of ruling coalition in the answer have submitted to the Constitutional court representation about cancellation of this law.

opening total session of the government, Victor Yanukovych declared expansion of an anti-recessionary coalition where today enter Party of Regions, socialists and communists, and about its transformation into the Coalition of national unity. The prime minister has declared that the government has restored the government, has met crisis and has achieved economic growth. Yanukovych has suggested Yushchenko not to argue on powers, and together to form a state policy: We have got rid of opposition between the executive and legislative authorities .

It is similar to truth. If the ruling coalition has not confirmed Jatsenjuka, it would be disputable, but the basis for parliament dissolution, - the director of the Kiev Institute of global strategy Vadim Karasev has told daily. - and from it will not win neither Yushchenko, nor Yanukovych . The deputy of the Supreme Rada from Communist Party of Ukraine Leonid Grach has explained daily that westernized belief g - on Jatsenjuka do not confuse even communists. it was necessary as - that to resolve crisis and to give the chance to Yushchenko to save the face and to endure the defeat, - the deputy has told. - Besides, having insisted on Tarasyuk`s dismissal and having rejected a nominee of Ogryzko, the coalition has already shown that will not suffer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the ardent russophob .

Political scientists consider that till the end of the year Ukraine will calm down. the real power remains at premieres - the minister and ruling coalition, - Vadim Karasev predicts. - the foreign policy becomes more pragmatic, taking into account interests of Russia. The rests orange forces - Yulia Timoshenko Block and Our Ukraine - will try to localise in parliament and marginalizirovat . JAtsenjuk has already received a signal about importance of the Russian vector in foreign policy, Leonid Grach confirms: If at it russophobia goes, in some months it will simply send in resignation .