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Alstom will construct for UGMK three power stations

French Alstom and Russian UGMK intend to erect in Sverdlovsk area three coal power stations. According to sources daily in Alstom, the general capacity of a state district power station can reach 1 GVt. Cost of this project, by expert estimations, can make nearby 1 mlrd dollars

the Report on designing and building in Sverdlovsk area of three coal power stations yesterday have signed the general director of Open Company UGMK - Holding Andrey Kozitsyn and president Alstom Patrick Kron. As has informed referring to g - on Kozitsyna a press - service of governor Sverdlov ­ skoj Edward Rossel`s areas, the company have agreed till April, 1st to generate working group to which within a month should find and co-ordinate platforms for building of three state district power stations. About the sum of investments of this project, and also about its technical parametres of the party found to speak premature, referring to preliminary character of arrangements.

At the same time as has told daily a source close to Alstom, capacities of coal power stations which the company is going to build in Uralsk region, can reach 1 thousand MVt. According to the experts, building of stations of such capacity can manage to customers approximately in 0,8-1,2 mlrd dollars Average cost of building of one watt of generating capacities - 800 dollars Michael Pak from YOKES ", however, makes a reservation; Kapital in the country there were precedents when the price reached 1,2 thousand dollars

the List of subcontractors, and also a set of technologies, according to the interlocutor daily, close to Alstom, is not defined yet. far not the fact that it will be technology of a circulating boiling layer (TSKS) which we introduce [in Russia] together with ENAMEL ­ jansom - he has noted. In most EMAljanse no less than in to Group 4 which together with Finnish Poyry projects TSKS - blocks for Cherepet ­ skoj state district power stations, from Alstom about cooperation under the Ural project yet did not receive offers.

at the same time as has told a source daily, close to UGMK, building of power capacities for this company - an absolute must. As he said, within the limits of going modernisation of the enterprises of group and building of new manufactures the holding tests a severe need in the electric power. As the interlocutor daily marks, building of coal generation is favourable the company as the rise in prices for natural gas approximately twice in the near future is expected. Thus it is necessary to consider that UGMK possesses own coal actives: under its management is UK Kuzbassrazrezugol which enterprises have extracted in 2006 about 44 million t coal. Development of own power - new enough direction deja ­ telnosti holding.

analysts find strategy UGMK expedient. With growth of export deliveries, Michael Pak, " marks; Gas ­ prom constantly raises the prices that does coal more attractive as fuel for power stations. Thus, besides maintenance sob ­ stvennyh needs, the company could sell an electric power part to foreign consumers. By estimations g - on Paka, requirements of holding can reach 700 MVt.