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The Novosibirsk metal works of Kuzmin declared year Ecological safety of surrounding space (news)

the Novosibirsk metal works of Kuzmin declared year « Ecological safety of surrounding space ». It will be allocated For carrying out of actions for increase of ecological safety of work of the metallurgical enterprise about 40 million rbl. almost five times more than has been spent in 2006.

Among priority projects under the program of preservation of the environment in 2007 - 2009 carrying out of actions for protection of a water river basin Ob is designated. As the operating director of the enterprise Alexey Safronov has explained: « Accessing to WTO, the country incurs certain obligations. If production is made on ecologically dirty equipment it is assessed with additional gathering, by taxes, penalties that conducts to its rise in price. We have planned this year to enclose considerable means for creation of a turnaround reconstructive cycle of water at factory, completely to exclude hit of drains to Ob and to keep this fine reservoir for our descendants ».

the next years at the enterprise following works will be made: building of a pure turnaround cycle of piston compressor station; transfer of pump station of a high pressure of shop hot proskating rinks on the clarified water of a turnaround cycle with installation of filters of high clearing; building of local treatment facilities of dirty turnaround cycle TESTS with possible use 30 - ti a metre radial sediment bowl; change of technology of neutralisation of sour drains and the termination of their dump in the river Ob.

Performance of these actions will allow to reduce by 50 % quantity of consumed water at factory and to 80 % to reduce dump of polluting substances in a reservoir. Audit will be made for protection of air pool foamy gazopyleochistitelja by GOU NTA N4 in etching branch of shop cold proskating rinks, and in shop hot proskating rinks are carried out works on transfer of the methodical furnace with 4 - h zonnogo heating on 3 - h zonnyj metal heating. It also will allow to lower on 10 % emission of polluting substances in atmosphere.