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The championship prepare “ as always “

for the sake of hockey fans Moscow is ready on all

Capital at full speed prepares for the World championship on hockey which will pass from April, 27th till May, 13th. National teams of 16 countries of the world will take part in superiority, including traditional contenders of Russians - commands of Sweden, Czechia and Canada. Games will pass in an ice palace “ Arena “ Mytischi “ and an ice palace on the Hodynsky field. Last, by the way, rapidly has been constructed specially to a world championship.

despite the commission of president Vladimir Putin “ to win the championship “ while on forthcoming superiority commands of Sweden, Czechia and Canada are considered as favourites. According to a rating of the International federation of hockey (IIHF), the list of the best national ice-hockey teams is headed by the Olympic champion of Turin - Sweden national team. Czechs and Canadians take the second and third places while Russian national team costs on the fifth position, having passed forward hockey players of Finland. But the history learns us that there can be everyone. For example, in the World championship of 1986 which also passed in Moscow, the Czech national team was considered as the obvious favourite. In the first meeting Czechs have lost to the Polish players and could not recover till the end of superiority any more. But the domestic national team has proved to be at height and as a result became the gold medallist of competitions.

however in the championship - 2007 Russian national teams it is necessary to pull out at contenders a victory with fight. “ Finns, Swedes, Canadians, Czechs, Slovaks today can really win. I think, even with Denmark our national team expects “ hard walk “. Stars there is no also an experience “ - admitted on a press - to the conference devoted to forthcoming event, the president of Federation of hockey of Russia Vladislav Tretjak­. Therefore trainer Vyacheslav Bykov on each match is going to adjust the Russian players as on the final. Only in this case Russia can hope on “ gold “.

President IIHF Ren Fazel who has recently visited Moscow, remained is happy with preparation for the forthcoming championship: “ I Think, it will pass at the highest level “. The assistant to the mayor of capital Peter Aksenov is assured that it is an estimation deserved. “ the government of Moscow has defined a circle of establishments which bear responsibility ­ for the organisation of this important and prestigious action. It is image of capital, and the city is interested in that to visitors and sportsmen it was comfortable and convenient “.

G - on Fazelja has especially amazed speed from which the ice palace on the Hodynsky field has been constructed: it is less than year back on its place there was a waste ground, and today it is one of the advanced sport centres of Europe. However g - on Fazelja have seriously confused stoppers which can prevent sportsmen and to fans in time to reach Hodynki. The sports functionary from Europe, not knowing mentality of the Russian officials, hardly assumed, in what catastrophic consequences for inhabitants adjoining to areas Hodynke will result the discontent stated to it.

the government of Moscow has let out the decision ­ according to which in area the Falcon is planned to expand streets Sandy and El Salvador with Alende, and also the Sandy lane “ for improvement of quality of transport service of participants and spectators of the championship “. In practice it means mass cutting down of thousand trees in historical area of Moscow which was considered elite of - for the parks that buses with foreign fans not too long stood in stoppers earlier. “ The situation on the Falcon well shows the known fact - to report to the heads, in this case before Vladimir Putin, about the spent action, our near officials are ready to ruin though half-cities, - the representative of the ecological organisation makes comments. - whether so the championships and the Olympic Games which are spent for the sake of officials and from which Russians suffer are necessary to us? “