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Half Oasis will arrive to Moscow

in 1 Noel Gallaher and Jam

While vocalist Oasis of Lajama Gallahera with might and main gljuchit in project Freebase will act, its bewitched brother Noel has not missed possibility to play on the singer the next dirty trick. Having agreed to the guitarist with Jam, it has gone to Russia to play in an acoustic concert all best of group repertoire. To stick songs between shovels to the companions of Noel and Jam will be on March, 23rd in club 1 the Maximum .

Tease Lajam always differed pathological hatred to the brother, paternal Oasis has got reputation of the most scandalous English group 1990 - h, having passed forward only Robbie Williams. It is enough to result at least pair of the facts. In 1994 after an unsuccessful concert of Noel from giving of Lajama did not leave nearly a hotel window. During a disk recording (What s the Story) Morning Glory? The drunk singer invited all wishing to look, as Noel is written. With the advent of visitors in studio last has seized a bat and has attacked on the brother, having postponed this act an album exit. In addition the aggressive singer always inhibited desire of other musicians to play the acoustic program. So it is possible to understand and forgive perfidious flight of Noelja and Jam.

well and if to abstract from brotherly enmity and numerous plagiarism in creativity (Oasis always loved podvorovyvat at T. Rex, Wham! And, naturally, The Beatles), to us at last - that will arrive participants of group which is more successful other when - that personified it is smoothfaced - the priest. The same Radiohead works for narrower circle of music fans. At Blur here years seven, after an exit of unsuccessful album Think Tank, affairs go nevazhnetski: probably, the wish of one of Gallaherov, " has metaphorically come true; that Damon Albarn has died of AIDS .

Even considering a creative lock of last years, to look on Oasis all the same it is necessary. At least for that it is noted in the Guinness Book of Records as the most successful British command of last time. That quality of songs has allowed to be on sale to all plates Oasis in total circulation of 30 million copies. For regalia, among which eight awards of magazine Q, five awards Brit Awards, well and 15 more doubtful trophies from the chauvinistic leaflet NME encouraging exclusively English groups. You look, when - nibud we will be visited also by Lajam with sessional musicians, the next time having sworn with the brother.