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On a visit to freaks

Disney`s studio has presented the sight at the alternative future

In hire starts an animation film On a visit to Robinsonam - an animated cartoon which it is better to show to psychiatrists, than children. Though what doubts here can be: the future of the Earth on a plan of the author of a film teems with octopuses, hats with brains and singing frogs. It seems that someone has prompted to director Stephen Andersonu that for a good children`s cartoon film it is necessary only - to fill one with its crowds of ill-matched freaks.

the debut creation of the Anderson should be assorted on Freud. The director in the childhood has been adopted and now undertook to picturize the book of the modern American writer and artist William Joyce about the boy - the orphan by name of Lewis.

the small four-eyes with a shock of the tousled hair does not manage to be attached in one family. Adults do not take it from - that that something is constant himichit and invents. The fellow worries and conceives to find the present mum. For this purpose from improvised materials it collects something like mielofona, as in a domestic film the Guest from the future . This device urged to scan its brain and to find in young Einstein`s head an image of his mother. But here on a scene there is the certain villain who is looking like old woman Shapokljak who steals this device and departs on a time machine to the future.

free retelling of the trilogy of Robert Zemekisa " further begins; Back in the future : Lewis should gain someone, and differently someone there will for ever disappear, and further in the same spirit, and for this purpose it goes to a pursuit of the villain in the future. Inhabitants of a futuristic society move on a planet exclusively in soap bubbles. Houses where there live earth dwellers, do not build, and inflate. Thus the pizza is carried by superheroes (with bow from the Spiderman ) And dogs wear glasses, because there is no money for lenses.

meanwhile small Lewis gets to a family Robinsonov which members have flied from coils. Two from Robinsonov live in flowerpots directly at an entrance door in the house, oldest Robinson constantly loses the jaw, and all together rodstvennichki is created by extreme bedlam and a disorder round itself. The alternative future shown in an ending of a picture, should finish the young spectator definitively: under music of Denni Elfmana in a film there are zombies. However, the well-known composer who has written soundtracks for the Batman and the Spiderman unique in a film crew who has not faked, and music during this moment really gloomy.

All this phantasmagoria is seasoned by the same sauce under what more recently Disney submitted In a pursuit of happiness with Will Smith. The morals are close also to the director. He, seemingly, long and diligently ran behind beer in the nearest stall for animators from Disney while to it at last have not entrusted own project. To sound high moral ideas have invited Angela Basset ( And at what here love ) and Garlanda Williams ( Appointment of my dream ). Has participated in ozvuchanii and Stephen Anderson. In the Russian version for characters leaders MTV Tutta Larsen, Alexander Anatolevich and Irena For fun speak. From the screen vigorous appeals are continually heard not to think about bad and to go further. It is possible to give the Same council and to spectators who will see the animated cartoon poster On a visit to Robinsonam .