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DigiDon will give to drink diabetics

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Regional players all become more appreciable than the Swiss company Swissheart on sokovom the market. As it became known daily, within the next two months on the Russian market there is shchvejtsarskaja company Swissheart GmbH, planning to sell in Russia diabetic and dietary juice under brand D2. New juice on capacities of the company " will spread; DigiDon in the Barrow. Besides, DigiDon has signed the contract and on pouring on the platform of juice of the company Nidan . Participants of the market explain such activity of the regional company a new stage of development sokovogo the market: consumers are already ready to occurrence nishevyh and functional sokovyh drinks, while large manufacturers do not have not enough capacities to spill at least federal brands.

About new partners DigiDona daily the vice-president on marketing of the company Anton Chistjuhin has told. As he said, sale of juice D2 diet & diabet will begin in two months. Brand D2 is developed shchvejtsarskaja by company Swissheart Gmbh which is engaged in production for people with restriction in a food. By words g - on Chistjuhina, in first two months the volume of output of juice and sokosoderzhashchih drinks D2 will make 1,5 million in l a month, and then Swissheart the decision on increase in volumes of output will make. The price for new juice will make 45-50 rbl. for litre packing. For diabetics Anton Chistjuhin estimates capacity of drinks in 200 million in l a year.

D2 not the unique foreign customer DigiDona : since February the company spills by request Nidan Juice juice the Champion . According to the general director Nidan Juice Andrey Yanovsky, it is the temporary step connected with rapid development of brand Caprice: I will estimate necessity of new investments into manufacture and as soon as such decision will be accepted and at our factory in Moscow suburbs new lines will be ready, we will spill again the Champion on own capacities . As marks g - n Yanovsky, manufacture placing in Ural Mountains will allow the company and to save on logistics.

participants of the market name juice for the people, suffering as a diabetes, interesting idea and consider that in this direction at Swissheart the big prospects. The manager on company public relations Multon (has deduced on the market juice for women Diva) Elena Ellington is convinced that occurrence of such products marks a new stage in development sokovogo the market: now consumers are already ready to buy and nishevye products. it is an interesting theme. The requirement for such drinks is, and the project can successfully work - considers PR - the director of the company Lebedjansky Alexander Kostikov. According to the director for company SIG Combiblos marketing (the European manufacturer of packing for liquid products) Yury Antipova, on perspectivity this direction is comparable to baby food.

experts are not surprised by that to the regional companies foreign and federal manufacturers of juice show interest. growth of the market of juice really considerable, especially in the regions, therefore does not suffice many large players capacities available for them - marks g - n Antipov. As he said, the greatest potential is concentrated just in regions: if in Moscow drink to 50 l of juice a year, in regions only to 3 l.