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Gallup will receive “ the Telerating “

the companies have started measure in common Moscow

TNS Gallup Media can to unite with the company “ the Telerating “ which was considered not so long ago as its basic competitor. Yesterday the company has informed on it as about a possible way of development of system of telemeasurement of audience to the next years. Participants of the market consider that association of panels of the companies will do good “ big “ to TV channels.

as the director for telemeasurements TNS Gallup Media Alexander Kostyuk has told, the company intends to expand the measurement panel in Moscow, having created the project “ the Big Moscow “ in which all cities will enter into 50 km from the capital centre. The following stage - expansion of the Moscow panel on 250 families so as a result of TNS will measure 1000 households and to use technology of the company “ the Telerating “. Besides, speaks g - n Kostyuk, for panel TNS increase carries on negotiations with the company “ Telerating “ about incorporated delivery of the given telemeasurements. The incorporated panel will make 600 families, and the market will receive the data in September. “ it not company purchase. In Moscow there are two independent panels which work under the uniform standard, giving the chance to do the general delivery. If them to unite, the market receives at once the sample increased twice, accordingly, reliability degree will raise. Besides, we jealously will watch one after another, from it will win quality. And at last, though we have not up to the end discussed financial questions, it obviously cheaper way, than investments “ - argues g - n Kostyuk. As he said, distinctions between measurements TNS Gallup and “ the Telerating “ neprintsipialny, and all differences are easy for reducing to the general denominator. “ having understood it, we have thought why not to make an incorporated support. They have discussed and have decided that are quite ready “ - speaks g - n Kostyuk. To contact the general director “ the Telerating “ Sergey Belokopytovym did not possible yesterday.

Participants of the market say that panel expansion can is faster do good “ big “ to channels - “ to the First “ “ Russia “ NTV. “ transition to measurement “ the Big Moscow “ can slightly affect total ratings. As in Moscow suburbs the cover zone of decimeter channels is non-uniform, accordingly, ratings “ the cores “ channels can grow a little “ - the director for strategic planning Aegis Media Vladimir Stepanov speaks.

we will remind, it was expected, what exactly “ the Telerating “ started to work in the summer of 2003 on technology of Italian company AGB with use of its technics, should make competition TNS in the scandalous tender for definition of a media measuring instrument of 2004. As participants of the market spoke, has created “ the Telerating “ “ The first channel “ considering that the ratings given TNS Gallup, are incorrect. However, “ the First “ never admitted that owns “ the Telerating “ or a share in it. However results “ the Telerating “ have practically coincided with data TNS. On the tender “ the Telerating “ however, and did not leave, and after numerous scandals with support as participants of the market considered, “ the First channel “ the Italian ­ research company AGB Holding which should become since January, 1st, 2006 an official measuring instrument of TV viewers for a period of five years has won­. However in the summer of 2005 AGB has curtailed the activity into Russia.

“ probably, “ the First channel “ has understood that the data “ the Telerating “ practically coincide with data Gallup so to contain this company quite senselessly “ - tells a top - the manager of the large media company. The president of group LBL Media Tatyana Lifanteva considers that the market only will win from association of the companies, and the association reasons not so are important: “ there Will be a technical expansion of coverage of measurements, and we will receive better result for the same money. I do not deny that this association has also a political party, but us it does not interest “. And the general director of the company “ Alkasar “ Peter Rybak considers that in TNS “ have simply decided to optimise process and to improve “ sample “ for better researches across Moscow “.