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Race after speed

becomes a method of competitive struggle

the Moscow providers of broadband access to the Internet any more reduce the prices. Instead they prefer to increase speed within the limits of existing tariff plans. Experts are assured: the prices have almost reached a minimum, and the competition in the market has become tougher so that, without having raised speed after competitors, the operator can lose a part of clients. Within one week change of speed declared Akado and QWERTY, trying thus to resist Strimu .

Yesterday about increase in speed of access to the Internet for the subscribers using limitless tariff plans of network QWERTY, declared the Central telegraph . The company did not begin to reduce the price. today in Russia current level of the income from one subscriber much more low, than in the West, - was explained daily by the general director the Central telegraph Vaagn Martirosjan. - The rate becomes not on drop in prices, which and so are accessible, and on granting of quality services with high speed of access .

Only in the end of last week doubling of speed under existing tariffs declared the company Komkor - TV owning a network Akado . Making comments on this decision, the head of department of marketing Komkor - TV Igor Tarasenko has declared that time has come to refuse inflated prices and the unjustified restrictions of speed created many is artificial .

it is not excluded that thus operators have been compelled to react to company actions Comstar - Direkt which has begun this practice last year and one month ago has once again raised speed under the tariffs of a network Strim . In the company say that doubled speed in October and December and regularly increase it on separate operating and archival tariff plans.

Participants of the market admit that are compelled to watch constantly actions each other. Without having reconsidered a condition of tariffs, the operator can lose a part of subscribers. And to increase speed it is much more favourable, than to reduce the prices. price war is necessary to nobody, services and so inexpensive enough, and resources for increase of speed are available for providers, - the analyst iKS - Consulting Konstantin Ankilov believes. - In intermediate term prospect at everyone technologists are the limit, but the companies have a possibility of modernisation of networks, than they already are engaged and will obviously continue it to do and further .

Experts consider that race with acceleration can last infinitely. Now in Moscow tariffs with a speed from 800 Kbit/ with to 1,5 Mbit/ are most popular with. It is visible under the average income on the subscriber in a month (ARPU) which fluctuates from 20 to 24 dollars By data iKS - Consulting, on the beginning of this year in Moscow was 1,05 million subscribers of the fast Internet. Is in the lead Strim (360 thousand subscribers) which follow Korbina (110 thousand), Akado (98 thousand) and QWERTY (80 thousand).

By the end of the year the Moscow providers can type 1,6 million subscribers. an order of 80 % of our users choose high-speed tariffs without restriction on the traffic - tells Vaagn Martirosjan. However the part of new users can be tempted on tariffs with the minimum speed (120-128 Kbit/ and the price (180-200 rbl.) - are simple to try that such the broadband Internet. the new tariff for 8 dollars is popular enough. We offer it basically to our new subscribers within the limits of various actions - tells a press - the secretary Comstar - Direkta Alexey Dianov. It is not excluded that subsequently such clients will replace the tariff for faster and will bring to the operator of more money.