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“ the Alpha “ becomes stronger in “ Vympelcom “

having paid for 10 % of actions 1,6 mlrd dollars

“ the Alpha - Groups “ has increased the share in “ Vympelcom “ to 42,4 %, having paid for 3 % of shares of company of 618,05 million dollars It will allow it to pass any decisions at meetings of shareholders of the operator, confirms the informed source. But participants of the market are assured that Norwegian Telenor, the second largest shareholder of the operator, can prevent it if will provide a high appearance on meetings.

Gibraltar “ a daughter “ “ the Alpha - Groups “ Eco Telecom has informed yesterday that from March, 15 till March, 20th has got in the open market of 1,63 million ADR “ Vympelcom “ at the average price 89,32 dollars for a piece. Besides on March, 19th and 20 Eco Telecom has bought 5,125 million more ADR at “ essential shareholders “ at the average price 92,18 dollars As a result on buying up of actions “ the Alpha “ has spent 618,05 million dollars Also has increased the share in “ Vympelcom “ almost on 3 %, to 42,4 %.

“ the Increase in a package to 42,4 % of actions allows us to protect completely the joint-stock rights and to receive structural control over “ Vympelcom “ - Cyril Babayev, vice-president Altimo, operating telecommunication actives " has declared daily; the Alpha - Groups “. “ This share will allow “ to the Alpha “ to pass any decisions at meetings of shareholders, and nobody can block them “ - referring to auditors “ Vympelcom “ specifies a source familiar with a situation.

representatives Telenor, the second largest shareholder “ Vympelcom “ (26,6 % of actions), have refused to make comments on statements of opponents about “ structural control “. The director of department of public relations of the Moscow office of the company Anna Ivanov - Galitsina has only noted: “ the Alpha “ has the right to increase the share in “ Vympelcom “ to 50 %. And Telenor in case of purchase more than 30 % of actions should declare the offer to all other shareholders. But FAS has not given us the permission to increase a share to 100 %, therefore inevitably there will be problems with its realisation “. Possibly, for this reason Telenor has not used possibility to get through investment bank ING of 3,6 % of actions “ Vympelcom “ according to a swap - the agreement which has been signed in the summer of 2006.

“ an alpha “ has begun systematic buying up of papers “ Vympelcom “ in November of last year when it posessed 32,9 % of actions of the operator. The increase in a share at 10 % has managed to it approximately in 1,6 mlrd dollars According to the informed source, on it the group plans to stop. “ thus the group gets tactical advantage in opposition with Telenor, getting liquid actives on which always there is a demand “ - the partner jurfirmy " marks; John Tajner and Partners “ Valery Tutyhin. By data for March, 21st, market cost 10 - a percentage package “ Vympelcom “ has already exceeded 1,95 mlrd dollars

But participants of the market doubt that on it buying up will stop. “ 42,4 % give ­“ the Alpha - Groups “ certain advantages at meetings of shareholders, but all - taki will be formal at it less half of voices, - Elena Bazhenov, the senior analyst of MDM - Bank speaks. - most likely the group will achieve the simple majority in board of directors “ Vympelcom ­“ increasing the share to 44 % “. Cειχΰρ under the joint-stock agreement “ the Alpha “ and Telenor can put forward in board of directors of the cellular operator no more than four candidates one of which should be independent; a nominee of one more independent director Telenor puts forward in coordination with “ the Alpha “. But if “ the Alpha “ will receive more than 44 % of actions “ Vympelcom “ it can put forward at once four candidates.

Eldar Nazmutdinov, the lawyer - the adviser of investment company “ the Renaissance the Capital “ considers that in “ to the Alpha “ exaggerate the importance of last transactions: “ the Opinion of auditors is based on the statistican of last years. But nobody can guarantee that the same low appearance will remain, therefore it is not necessary to consider that “ the Alpha “ has provided to itself control at meetings of shareholders “ Vympelcom “. I do not exclude that the appearance can raise at competent work Telenor with minoritarijami “.