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Rosneft the first vice-president

has left Nikolay Borisenko translate for other work

Yesterday Rosneft declared personnel changes: the post was left by the first vice-president Nikolay Borisenko answering including for formation imidzhevoj politicians of the company. Under the official version, its dismissal is connected with transition to other work, by data daily, g - n Borisenko yet has not found it. Analysts do not exclude that the essential part of old structure of managers " in the near future can be replaced; Rosneft .

Shifts among a top - managers Rosneft have begun in the winter. Then the company declared appointment as the vice-president on financial questions of the former operating director Vneshtorgbanka Sergey Makarova known also for successful career in Oboronprome . Peter About Braen, before occupying this armchair, became the head of group of financial advisers at president NK Rosneft in the rank of the vice-president. This castling in the market have explained end of the problems facing About Braenom: carrying out IPO Rosnef ­ ti and negotiations with foreign banks about the record credit. now Peter`s communications About Braena in the international financial markets will help Rosneft successfully to realise already declared plans on acquisition of new actives in Russia, in particular YUKOS oil refinings, and abroad - the analyst of MDM - Bank Andrey Gromadin speaks. The new adviser of the president should supervise the transaction on attraction of the syndicated credit on 22 mlrd dollars

Yesterday Rosneft declared the next personnel changes. In connection with transition to other work the post was left by the first vice-president Nikolay Borisenko. G - n Borisenko supervised interaction with public authorities, property and corporate governance questions, questions of acquisitions, merges and absorption. Also in sphere of its responsibility was kontrolno - auditing activity and formation information and imidzhevoj politicians of the company. In Rosneft do not make comments, where has left g - n Borisenko, and also yet do not name a name of its successor. However, by data daily, the new place of work at the former first vice-president while is not present, it has left in anywhere .

Resignation g - on Borisenko which have worked in Rosneft about eight years, became a bolt from the blue for the market. Analysts connect it with the decision Rosneft to care of image and predict that in the near future changes in structure a top - managers can proceed. Probably, g - n Borisenko has left the company because his name is connected with purchase Yuganskneftegaz Through Open Company Baikal ­ finansgrupp the caused big resonance. Rosneft becomes the open company: she any more does not hesitate to declare about affilirovannosti from Open Company RN - Development - the participant of auction on purchase of actives of YUKOS, at the time of Nikolay Borisenko communication between Bajkalfinansgrupp and a state company disappeared - the analyst of Alpha bank Konstantin Batunin assumes. Rosneft turns to empire: the next year it will essentially increase scales of the activity, is not excluded that the state company will employ managers from large foreign structures - the chief of department of the fundamental analysis of a DB " summarises; Opening Natalia Milchakova.