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Totalíîĺ bad luck

Rosprirodnadzor recommends to withdraw the licence on Harjage

On hand daily there were preliminary results of off-schedule check by Rosprirodnadzorom of the Harjaginsky deposit developed French Total on the terms of the agreement on section of production (SRP). According to the certificate of check of work nedropolzovatelja representatives of department have come to a conclusion that the infringements of the law found out on object about bowels, parametres of the licence agreement and SRP “ can form the basis for the preschedule termination of the right of use by bowels “.

the Certificate of check of Harjagi, according to the source daily in Rosprirodnadzore, will be signed and sent in Total till the end of this week. The source in Total has added that at the moment check of a deposit Rosprirodnadzorom proceeds.

Based on the results of testing the Harjaginsky deposit which started on March, 12th, understating of norms of extraction in comparison with design is revealed. In 2006 Total has extracted 890 thousand t oil instead of necessary 3 million under the scheme t. In 2007 Total plans to extract 1,034 million t at design norm about 3,5 million t. The fund of the drilled chinks on a deposit, according to the statistics data of Rosprirodnadzora containing in the certificate of check, deviates from confirmed in the technological scheme in 2006 on 74 %. From 59 operational chinks necessary on a deposit operates only nine extracting (from them two in idle time) and three delivery chinks (instead of 34 and 25 accordingly). Besides, the operator of the project accuse of burning of 76 % of extracted passing oil gas (PNG). Only in February, 2007, according to Rosprirodnadzora, it has been burnt in torches over 10 million in cubic m PNG (in 2006 - 86 million cubic.

The Source daily in Total notices that the company expects to reduce planned norms of oil recovery in the new technological scheme of working out of a deposit which it will submit for approval today in the central committee on investigation of bowels at Rosnedrah. In the scheme conditions of replenishment of fund of operational chinks according to new norms of extraction are reconsidered. In particular, in 2007 go ­ du it is planned to extract 1,034 million t oil, and by 2010 - about 1,5 million t that on 2,5 million t it is less, than the old scheme assumed. Last spring department has not confirmed similar scheme Total. If it does not occur and this time, company work in territory of Russia can be called into question.

Total earlier explained necessity of revision of the technological scheme a low quota “ Transneft “ on fuel prorolling on a route of Harjaga - the Moustache - all 1 million t in a year at planned extraction over 3 million t oil in a year.

the vice-president “ Transneft “ Sergey Grigoriev has explained daily that the company is opened to cooperation with Total in a question of expansion of this route, however on it money is necessary. “ if the company asks us to increase in addition capacities of this pipeline, we will meet it, however in this case she should pay higher contractual the tariff for fuel prorolling until expenses “ Transneft “ on work will not be compensated “ - it has explained. Has thus added that Total with the similar request in “ Transneft “ did not address.

the director of department of a state policy and regulation in the field of wildlife management MPR Sergey Fedorov believes that the state is obliged to take into consideration repeating infringements of the law on bowels and agreements on section of production from party Total and to accept strict measures to nedropolzovatelju. He has informed that MPR on Friday intends to consider at special session a situation round working out of the Harjaginsky deposit.

Michael Subbotin, the director scientifically - the consulting company “ SRP - Examination “ believes that at Total will not withdraw the licence to the announcement of results of presidential elections of France as the situation round the company remains an auction subject at level of the international relations with this country. It also reminds that before to withdraw the licence, it is necessary to terminate SRP with nedropolzovatelem that will make very uneasy.