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Azerbaijan will give to Europe Turkmen gas

though its Ashkhabad about it and does not ask

As reports Reuters, yesterday the deputy minister of foreign affairs of Azerbaijan Araz Azimov has urged the European union to renew power cooperation with Turkmenia and, in particular, to start purchases of Turkmen gas directly, passing Russia. Many analysts consider that the European Union is already ready to acceptance of such decision as the project of the Transcaspian gas pipeline at last becomes a reality: end of building of this pipeline passing through territory of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey, is expected in 2008.

Soon after the publication of message Reuters head a press - services Hazar Ibragimi has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan to the Azerbaijan edition Day. Az that Araza Azimov`s words are quoted is inexact, and has offered the version of statements of the deputy minister. G - n Ibragimi has noticed that, in opinion azerbajdzhan ­ skogo the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, one of measures of strengthening of power safety of the European Union is development of alternative routes of delivery of gas from Turkmenia, however did not assert that use of these routes should replace completely gas transit through territory of Russia.

how accents in statements of the Azerbaijan diplomats have been placed, it is clear that the question of start of new gas pipelines remains today extremely actual and for Europe as gas consumer, and for Azerbaijan and the states of Central Asia as its suppliers. The project of creation of the Transcaspian gas pipeline is discussed many years, the editor on the Caspian region RusEnergy Igor Ivahnenko speaks. According to the expert, the suspension of work on the gas pipeline project invariably involves sharp deterioration of relations of two countries. Now the project approaches end, and in relations of Baku and Ashkhabad appreciable warming is observed.

as the analyst of YOKES " marks; Kapital Sergey Bejden, one of European Union priorities in sphere of power safety is easing of dependence on the Russian gas and an establishment of partnership with the countries of Central Asia, including with Turkmenia. At the same time the European Union boycotts Turkmenia for infringements of human rights and in October, 2006 has suspended the trading pact with this country.

coming to power in Turkmenia Gurbanguly Berdymuhammedova as a whole is regarded by experts as the factor promoting normalisation of relations of this Central Asian state and EU. The new president of Turkmenia during inauguration has declared intention actively to expand deliveries the Turkman ­ skogo gas on the world markets. However the director of Institute of strategic estimations and the analysis of Vagif Gusejnov notices thus that the tendency of internal political development of Turkmenia while cannot name defined.

analysts ascertain that appreciable pressure upon Azerbaijan in a question of a power policy render the USA. G - n Bejden reminds that the USA as leading force in the NATO holds in the hands control over power safety and in every possible way aspires to strengthen the positions in Asia. The analyst believes that, coming into of contacts to Turkmenia and the West, Azerbaijan can even go on some strain of relations with Russia.