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MNPZ have arranged deputy check

in it it is interested Gazprom oil

As it became known daily, in the State Office of Public Prosecutor the deputy inquiry about the reasons of absence of the registrar at Moscow NPZ has arrived. Term of the contract with the former registrar the Registrar of the River of the Island With. T has ended one and a half years ago, the contract with new yet has not concluded factory. According to analysts, the inquiry should help oil Gazprom challenging results of annual meeting of shareholders MNPZ.

Till September, 1st, 2005 the registrar Moscow NPZ (MNPZ) was Open Society the Registrar of the River of the Island With. T . The new registrar necessary for the company with number of shareholders more 50, MNPZ yet has not found. While the River of the Island With. T stores the register before transfer to its other registrar, but to make changes to the document to it it is forbidden. According to analysts, so the long absence of the registrar suited the basic shareholder MNPZ of the Moscow oil and gas company (MNGK) which thus delayed the moment of carrying out of annual meeting of shareholders: without the registrar its results can be challenged.

nevertheless the annual meeting of shareholders has taken place in June, 2006 in spite of the fact that MNPZ and has not got the registrar. In the reporting of the company up to the report for the third quarter 2006 (the report for the fourth quarter is removed from a factory site) it is told only about the termination of the contract with the Registrar of the River of the Island With. T . Meeting results now challenges Gazprom oil . As Gazprom oil has not been admitted on this meeting the company intends to challenge in court both its results, and the subsequent decisions of illegally selected board of directors - has informed a press - the secretary oil Gazprom Natalia Vjalkina.

However the history with registrar MNPZ on it has not ended. As has found out daily, in the State Office of Public Prosecutor the deputy inquiry about the reasons of absence at MNPZ contracts with the organisation which is carrying out the account of the rights to securities of factory has arrived. On it have informed some sources close to MNPZ and familiar with situation. MNGK and the State Office of Public Prosecutor comments have refused. The sources close to MNPZ, have found it difficult to specify authors of inquiry. In the State Duma clear a situation could not.

according to experts, inquiry occurrence can testify to desire of the authorities to help oil Gazprom in control reception over factory. trials of factory with the State Office of Public Prosecutor can put moral pressure upon management MNPZ - the analyst of YOKES " considers; Ak Bars Finans Alexander Blohin. Date of receipt of inquiry in the State Office of Public Prosecutor is unknown, however is not excluded, what exactly this argument became one that have forced MNGK to appoint the next annual meeting already to the end of April and to offer oil Gazprom and Tatneft four places in board of directors.

it is curious that recently Gazprom oil has let out an official statement that considers financial results of work of factory in 2006 unsatisfactory. Their improvement reflects the general tendency of increase in a margin of processing in factories of Russia in the conditions of favorable market conditions, is told in the message. However, as considers Gazprom oil margin MNPZ twice more low, than on Omsk NPZ, and net profit in recalculation on ton five times more low, than, for example, at JAroslavnefteorgsinteza . The given indicators testify to low efficiency of activity of the factory, the half-received profit both factory, and its shareholders, the petrocompany summarises. Meanwhile from the net profit which has grown from a negative indicator in the beginning of year to 80 million of rbl. to its termination, MNGK intend to pay dividends to keep control over factory. if MNGK will not solve a problem with the registrar to meeting of shareholders, it will have a chance to challenge subsequently meeting results - the chief of analytical department FK " assumes; megatrastojl Alexander Razuvaev.