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It was pleasant to LUKOIL in Turkey

the company wants to buy one more oil storage

Open Society LUKOIL carries on negotiations for purchase of one more oil terminal in Turkey. The first vice-president of the company Vladimir Nekrasov has informed on it on Tuesday. In November, 2006 the company has got storehouse near the Turkish settlement Jarmdzha, calculated on 10 thousand t oil. This time it is a question of larger terminal which volume can make 20 thousand t.

Vladimir Nekrasov has noticed that acquisition of new oil storage in Turkey can be made LUKOIL till the end of this year. As he said, the company now studies economic feasibility of the transaction, recognising that it should pay off no more than for six years. G - n Nekrasov did not begin to specify, where the terminal planned to purchase is located. Meanwhile some analysts consider that it can be in a province Zonguldak, at Turkish coast of Black sea where LUKOIL was going to build earlier own oil refining factory.

now civil-engineering design NPZ in Zonguldak is frozen. As have explained daily in a press - LUKOIL service, the company has counted more favourable today not to build new factory, and to increase oil refining volumes on NPZ neftohim - Burgas (Bulgaria) from 7,5 million to 10 million t oil in a year. Thus, the terminal near the settlement Jarmdzha, and also new oil storage if its purchase takes place, will be filled with oil and the oil products delivered from Burgas. Then fuel from terminals will go on the Turkish gas stations of LUKOIL.

in Turkey LUKOIL plans to be engaged in expansion of a network of the gas station in the near future. Today LUKOIL network in this country totals 15 gas stations, but by the end of the year, according to Vladimir Nekrasov, the number of stations will increase to 50-100. An analyst of bank Uralsib Alexey Kormshchikov considers that it will be easy essential to LUKOIL to expand a network of the gas stations in Turkey, having redeemed a part of filling stations at other participants of the market. Owners of large networks of the gas station in Turkey are VR, Shell, Agip, Petrol Ofisi. Last year the Turkish press informed on interest of LUKOIL to company M Oil gas station.

Thus the president of LUKOIL Vahid Alakbarov declared earlier that the company can deliver on the Turkish market to 2 million t light oil products in a year. According to the experts, such volume of deliveries will allow to provide with fuel about 500 gas stations.

however, for deliveries of oil products in such volume of capacity of oil storage near Jarmdzhi will not suffice LUKOIL, therefore, obviously, and there are begun negotiations about purchase of the new terminal. Considering that the Jarmdzhinsky storehouse has been got by LUKOIL for 21,5 million dollars, analysts believe that the new terminal twice surpassing first on volume, can be bought for the sum about 40 million dollars

At the same time Alexey Kormshchikov is assured that LUKOIL will not leave intentions on development of own oil refining in territory of Turkey. The company can return to civil-engineering design NPZ in Zonguldak, and also get shares in a number of others, already existing on territory of Turkey. In March of this year there were hearings that LUKOIL carries on negotiations with Tupras for acquisition of some actives, however neither Russian, nor the Turkish side this information have not confirmed. Nevertheless the editor of news agency RusEnergy Igor Ivahnenko believes that such transactions can quite take place.

analyst RusEnergy underlines also that, even having refused construction NPZ in Turkey, LUKOIL can seriously strengthen the positions in region. In some countries it is better to LUKOIL to construct own enterprise including from strategic reasons, but it is possible to use and already available factory. And where - that LUKOIL can be limited in general to sale of oil products, and it will be economic for the company - it summarises.