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It is not enough one gas

Gazprom wants to become the main things energetikom the world

Gazprom has decided to remind of the ambitious plans to become the largest world power company. As the general director " has declared yesterday; export Gazprom Alexander Medvedev, to us a little simply to provide 25 % of world consumption of gas . The international community in the name of the head of the International power agency (MEA) Claude Mandilja has reacted to this statement, having offered to Gazprom nevertheless to be engaged gazodobychej. The majority interrogated daily analysts have confirmed opinion MEA that Gazprom should remain mainly gas company.

Gazprom - the world`s largest gas company - in 2006 has extracted 540,4 mlrd cubic m of gas and 13,4 million t oil. The concern net profit on MSFO for nine months 2006 has made 460,2 mlrd rbl. A gain - 1,58 trln rbl. belong to Rosimushchestvu of 38,37 % of actions, state Rosneftegazu - 10,74 %. Yesterday capitalisation Gazprom in RTS has made 242,45 mlrd dollars

that Gazprom has headed for transformation into the global power company and intend to become the leader in the world oil and gas market, it became known for a long time and since then it was reminded of it time and again. For achievement of the purpose Gazprom was engaged in a diversification of profile kinds of activity, among which - gas, oil, electric power industry. As has noted yesterday at a forum thermal power station in the XXI-st century Alexander Medvedev to become the world`s largest power company is an ambitious problem if to consider that the prices in Russia are regulated by the state.

thus to Gazprom and it was not possible to become the owner of any actives in the West, to which it showed interest or which to it were designated by the western press. The concern ostensibly considered possibility of acquisition British gazoraspredelitelnoj companies Centrica, was interested 40 % of actions of power company EniPower and gazoraspredelitelnymi in networks in Italy, participation in purchase of actives of incorporated company Gaz de France - Suez, Belgian gazoraspredelitelnoj companies Distrigas, the Belgian pipeline network Fluxys and heat power company Elyo. Also Gazprom and Italian Eni discussed transactions on an exchange dobychnymi actives.

however the information that to Gazprom it was possible to make in the Western Europe though any considerable acquisition, has not proved to be true yet. It turns out that at a present stage of development the gas monopolist intends to develop at the expense of in-Russian acquisitions. the company preliminary has already designated the interest in power: it OGK - 2, OGK - 6, TGK - 1, TGK - 3 ( Mosenergo ) And TGK - 7. Proceeding from parametres dopemissy these companies, to Gazprom it is necessary to spend only for the repayment dopemissy nearby 11 mlrd dollars However if to consider that he will redeem all shares which are due to the state it should fork up for 5 mlrd dollars Total in the sum it turns out 16 mlrd dollars - the senior analyst of Alpha bank Alexander Kornilov has counted, having noticed that to Gazprom proceeding from its ambitions, it is necessary to put also in other fields of activity.

participants of the market doubt expediency of plans Gazprom to turn in the power monster huge monopoly that as it is supposed, can cause the negative consequences connected with its controllability. is better to it to be engaged in gas - the senior analyst IK " has underlined; Antanta the Capital Dmitry Terekhov. And Valery Nesterov from IK the Three Dialogue Has noticed that the largest western power companies diversifitsirovany it is far not in such degree.

as to interest of monopoly to electric power industry necessity of participation for it is unevident for most Gazprom speaks g - n Terekhov. while this branch with low profitableness, its profitability even close is not comparable to profitability, for example, extraction and gas sale abroad - he considers. The analyst also believes that from the point of view of the electric power industry participation Gazprom in the capital of the power companies - the tactical blessing as the problem of maintenance with gas will dare, but simultaneously and strategic harm as any private proprietor is more effective than a state company .

At the same time the chief of analytical management IK Veles the Capital Michael Zak considers that to become the largest power company, it is unessential to aspire to develop all lines of activity equally: for example, to become the largest oil company of Russia. I do not see any obstacles to, that Gazprom seriously having strengthened the position, say, in electric power industry to which leadership on positions in the gas market is added, became the largest power company, at the same time especially without increasing the presence at oil branch - he has told.

according to the director of European gas researches Global Insight Andrew Ellisa, Gazprom taking into account its active acquisitions in Russia and expansion abroad, already there is one of the largest world power companies, and its leadership - a matter of time. Well and Claude Mandilja yesterday has quoted news agency Reuters: We have some fears concerning that Gazprom does not invest in sufficient volumes in extracting projects for the purpose of gas reception. It means that the next years it can have deficiency of gas .