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Moscow is worse than Harare

on quality of life

Moscow and St.-Petersburg occupy accordingly 171 - ju and 164 - ju lines in a rating of cities of the world on a standard of living in 2007. Researchers Mercer Human Resource Consulting have found out that the basic trouble of the Russian cities is a low level of public health services and hygiene, and also bad ecology. These factors are basic in definition of a standard of living in cities. The most comfortable for life recognises Zurich. Conditions in the Iraq Bagdad have appeared the worst.

conditions of residing in 215 cities of the world in 2007 were estimated on 10 categories which included 39 factors: the political and economic environment, an ecology condition, level of a personal security of townspeople, public health services, an infrastructure, etc. Indicators of New York to which other cities are compared, are accepted for 100 points.

leadership by tradition gets some years to quiet towns of Switzerland. As well as the last year, the first place was received by Zurich where researchers Mercer have estimated a standard of living in 108,1 points. It followed by Geneva, after - the Canadian Vancouver, the Austrian Vienna and the New Zealand Oakland (see in the table more in detail). Into the five of the worst for residing have entered, basically, the African cities of Puent - Nuar (Congo), Khartum (Sudan), Bangui (TSAR) and Brazzaville (Congo). Closes the list restless Bagdad (14,5 points).

last years rupture between those cities which stood in the top and bottom lines of a rating, has considerably increased, - the senior analyst Mercer Slagin Parakatil has noted daily. - in some regions of the world vital standards have raised, but the precipice between those cities of region where the general standard of living is high, and where the political and economic disorder " reigns has increased;.

the Largest Russian cities also are present at a rating, and authors of research have put them in the bottom part of the list. In particular, by calculations Mercer, level of comfort for life and work in the Russian cities practically does not differ from level in the poor African countries. So, Moskvaotstaet from capital Zimbabwe Harare on three lines. Moscow and St.-Petersburg have occupied 171 - ju and 164 - ju lines accordingly, having received 54,4 and 56,4 points. For comparison, Kiev has settled down in a rating for four lines above Moscow. For a year the situation in cities practically has not changed, mark in Mercer. In 2006 Northern capital was on 162 - m a place, and Pervoprestolnaja - on 172 - m. the Standard of living in two provincial Russian cities has appeared worse, than in cities of the poor African states. Novosibirsk has received 47,9 points (189 place), following after Maputo (Mozambique). Kazan follows in the country Gift - es - Salam (Tanzania) and occupies 191 - ju a line.

Authors of research Mercer explain a similar picture to that the main criterion on which cities were estimated, the situation in public health services and sanitary is, availability of health services, impurity of water and air were considered also. The Canadian Calgary became a city with the highest in the world level of public health services and sanitary. The five of leaders in this rating also included Honolulus (USA), Helsinki, Ottawa and Minneapolis. The Azerbaijan Baku became the most insanitary city.

the Russian experts notice that the main problem of Russia is an arbitrariness of officials and wild capitalism . In the West ecology questions are considered as priority. In Russia the main thing that business made profit. Quite probably that Moscow on cleanliness of water and air occupies one of last places in the world - the chairman of the commission on ecological safety and preservation of the environment of Public chamber Vladimir Zaharov has told daily.

the Situation in Moscow will worsen in the near future only. According to ecologists, according to the new legislation, it is possible to cut down almost free in a city green plantings, including large parks, and to give the earth under building. For example, the government of Moscow the decision on cutting down of Tsaritsynsky park (more than 3200 trees) on which place will construct, according to some information, a hotel complex is already accepted. Also parks " in the near future can be destroyed; losinyj island Krylatsky hills Gardeners . There is an active cutting down of plantings in there is no time green areas of Moscow, for example on the Falcon. the Moscow authorities in every possible way invite the western tourists, and the city, meanwhile, turns to stone jungle. My acquaintances from Holland, for example, do not understand that they can see in Moscow which name a concrete city - tells one of capital ecologists.


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