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motorcycles with ejrbegami go to Europe

In June Honda company will begin the European sales Gold Wing - the first-ever motorcycle equipped with a pillow of safety. Till now (from the middle of 2006) these motorcycles were on sale only in the USA. Experts of firm assert that new systems of safety will allow to lower essentially risk of reception of traumas for drivers of the most dangerous type of transport in the world.

frequently at road accident the motorcyclist takes off from a saddle and breaks a neck at heading about the counter car. According to the chief engineer of the company of Honda Satosi Iizhima, the safety pillow can raise considerably its chances to survive. The device developed for a leader of heavy motorcycles of firm - models Gold Wing, consists of three components: pillows with piropatronami, a complex of sensor controls and the block of management which analyzes the information arriving from them.

Four sensor controls sensitive to blow are located in a forward plug of a motorcycle, some more - in lateral arches of safety. The pillow is designed in such a manner that at collision it not simply extinguishes kinetic energy of the motorcyclist, but also changes a direction of its movement. Having jumped aside from razdutogo a bubble the person flies up upwards, avoiding thereby contact to an obstacle. By Honda estimations, at speed of collision to 60 km/ ch Motorcycle Airbag System allows to raise chances of a safe outcome of road accident of 80 %. Earlier, having inspired with the first results of tests, representatives of the company of Honda declared that in due course ejrbegi is planned to establish and on other models of firm. However, their universal use will demand essential changes in a design of motorcycles. First of all the vehicle should have sufficient space ahead for pillow placing. Besides, bajk should be heavy that it did not turn over at a head-on collision. All these requirements do almost impossible installation ejrbegov on easy sports models where the driver sits in the inclined position over a wheel.

other systems of the safety are developed for similar motorcycles, called not to bring matters to extreme measures and allowing to avoid head-on collisions, - the expert of the company " has told daily; the Autohouse Oleg Vorontsov. - BMW In particular has succeeded in it. There were the systems stabilising a motorcycle on slippery road, and also pressing it to the earth at sharp braking that allows to increase coupling with road .

Despite a number of technical difficulties, representatives of Honda with optimism look including at the Russian prospects of model Gold Wing. Besides a pillow of safety motorcycles Gold Wing are equipped GPS - the navigator. Actually, this option has not allowed us to result model to Russia earlier as the current legislation still forbids use of detailed district maps. But the government promises that in 2007 this law will be excellent, and is possible from next year Gold Wing will reach Russia - has told daily PR - menezhder the Russian representation of Honda Oleg Snagovsky. The Russian price Gold Wing is not announced yet. In the USA it begins with 18,5 thousand dollars