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The Swiss castling

Zurich has rearranged shots in Russian “ daughters “

Yesterday financial group Zu­ rich Financial Services Group (Switzerland) declared transaction end in which result has received 66 - a percentage share in the Russian insurance company of the ICE CRUST. By the president of the ICE CRUST Rejnhard Stari who was the operational director of management of the international business of group is appointed. Harry Delba instead of a position of the president will hold a post of the general director of the ICE CRUST, thus having reserved management of the company. Shifts have resulted from creation of incorporated executive committee for management of the Russian company “ Zurich “ and the ICE CRUST.

group Zurich has made changes to the charter of the company of the ICE CRUST according to which the post of the first head is called “ the general director “. “ My powers on this post are already confirmed, - has informed yesterday daily Harry Delba. - I will continue to supervise over ICE CRUST activity “. Rejnhard Stari will be the assistant g - on Delba who has noted: “ For us it is very important, that in the company there was a person whom business - processes " will be engaged in integration;. Also Rejnhard Stari becomes the president of the ICE CRUST, and in Russian SK “ Zurich “ will hold a post of the general director. Operating general director SK “ Zurich “ Dmitry Ignatyev will be appointed by the president and operational director SK “ Zurich “.

“ My appointment is connected by that I should support the further growth of Russian business Zurich and strengthen corporate governance it. It is a signal of that the Russian market is very important for group, - has told daily Rejnhard Stari. - the Strategic problem for business SK “ Zurich “ and the ICE CRUST - to enter into the five of leaders in the insurance market of Russia following the results of 2010 “. And g - n Delba has informed: “ We plan that the gain of business of the ICE CRUST following the results of a year will be in 1,5-2 times above, than as a whole on the market “.

According to the new charter of the ICE CRUST in the company the executive committee also is created. Harry Delba becomes its chairman. The committee also will include Rejnhard Stari, the former financial director of the ICE CRUST Michael Volkov and holding posts zamgendirektora in SK “ Zurich “ and the ICE CRUST Sergey Savosin.

According to the assistant to general director SK “ Russia “ Igor Fatjanova, creation of executive committee for management of two companies is a provisional measure: “ Management efficiency two companies disputable enough. Not clearly, who posesses the casting vote right. I think that the committee main task will consist in development of ways of integration and formation of new structure of management “. Chairman of board of directors SK “ the Standard - the Reserve “ Victor Jun believes that “ In this committee the general functions can be transferred that the companies were engaged only in sales “.