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Avant-guard has played a cunning trick

representing the information en face

Bank Avant-guard has created precedent in relations with Federal antimonopoly service (FAS). It is the first bank which in reply to inquiry FAS has presented unreliable information, for what, in opinion antimonopolshchikov, he should pay the penalty. However, the bank considers imposing of the penalty by misunderstanding, but thus to appeal against against decision FAS does not gather.

one of these days the Ivanovo management FAS (UFAS) has fined bank Avant-guard on 50 thousand rbl. for representation of obviously doubtful data. Earlier management FAS has directed to bank Avant-guard and to its branch Ivanovo inquiry about representation of all operating in territory of the Ivanovo area of contracts of bank with the insurance companies for 2005-2006. Bank Avant-guard Has answered that as of October, 6th of last year in territory of the Ivanovo area it did not enter into the agreement with any insurance organisations. Nevertheless Ivanovo UFAS it was possible to find such four contracts. Have en face considered that the bank has presented obviously doubtful data, that is has deceived antimonopoly management, and have fined it.

however as has declared and. An island of the chief of legal management of bank Dmitry Tizengolt, Ivanovo UFAS it has been informed that bank Avant-guard did not conclude on the territories of area contracts of insurance having the purposes, contradicting the antimonopoly law . Such position of bank looks strange enough, after all there corresponds the contract to the antimonopoly law or not, solves in general - that FAS, instead of participants of the market.

according to the head of department of control and supervision in the market of financial services FAS of Julia Bondarevoj, for last year the service has considered almost 6 thousand Agreements of banks, in particular with insurers, public authorities, shops, and a case of the doubtful answer of bank on inquiry FAS has faced for the first time. Before such cases that on direct question FAS the doubtful answer has been given, was not, - Julia Bondarev speaks. - if the financial organisation has informed that agreements are not present, and then on check was found out that they are, this gross infringement . However, for this gross infringement on bank the penalty of all in 50 thousand rbl.

" has been imposed; Obstacles for penalty payment is not available, - Dmitry Tizengolt speaks. - Thus the fact of imposing of the penalty bank Avant-guard considers as misunderstanding. The bank does not agree with taken out Ivanovo UFAS the decision, nevertheless does not see sense in the appeal of the penalty at a rate of 50 thousand rbl. .

Participants of the market believe that a situation between FAS and Avant-guard Most likely it is caused nedoponimaniem between the parties. On development of retail business Russia - Bank Valery Kardashov marks the vice-president of board: it would be logical to Bank to present agreements with insurers en face if they are. The given situation - misunderstanding. avant-guard - too serious bank to show such levity .