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Traders were not frightened of the Maidan

crisis in Ukraine the minister of transport and communication of Ukraine a socialist Nikolay Rudkovsky has involved foreign investors

Yesterday has declared that the decree of the president about Supreme Rada dissolution cuts prospect of economic growth and early election will lower a credit rating of Ukraine. But foreigners were not frightened. When quotations Ukrainian blue counters residents have fallen also have rushed to merge actions, they were there and then picked up by foreign investors.

on April, 2nd when Victor Yushchenko has dismissed Radu, papers of the power companies and metkombinatov the first level of listing at stock exchange PFTS have fallen almost to 7 %. The price of purchase of actions of the regional power companies has fallen to 11-15 %, actions of the Nizhnedneprovsky pipe-rolling factory which owner Victor Pinchuk is considered the confidant of premieres - minister Victor Yanukovych, have lost almost 15 %. Spred (amplitude of instability of prices) under actions of the Mariupol metallurgical industrial complex of Ilyich, whose owner Vladimir Bojko is closely connected from the lost position of Sotspartiej, has reached 350 %, and on papers of Ukrsotsbank which all owns the same Pinchuk, - to 1000 %. However yesterday in second half of day of the quotation have gone upwards. So, the actions of the telecommunication companies which have fallen since morning on 12 %, by the evening have risen on 8 %.

foreigners have started to buy up Papers actively, - the main analyst Kiev IK " has told daily; University the Capital Oleg Vdovich. - the Ukrainian market peregret the speculative capital, from the beginning of year index PFTS has grown on 60 %, internal investors fixed profit, and foreign dokupali papers. Political crisis has compelled local speculators to merge papers, and foreign speculators have used it . According to Oleg Vdovicha, in any measure it is possible to name it reaction of foreign investors to strengthening of a figure of Victor Yushchenko which associates at participants of the market with a liberal westernized course. However, among foreign investors it is a lot of Russians whom the papers of the Ukrainian generating companies substantially defining index PFTS interest first of all. the Power sector in Ukraine is underestimated, and in Russia peregret, - the analyst " reminds; Capital University . - From here and interest .

According to independent experts, these tendencies in the Ukrainian market will remain, as will remain also it volatilnost. However nobody waits for a collapse. the enterprises work, the economy grows, investors are adjusted on the prompt permission of crisis, - tells one of them. - the Collapse is possible only in case of full forsmazhora, for example blocking of accounts, as in 2004 . But local bankers are quiet: That fact that on Tuesday exchangers have raised the price of purchase of currencies, experts explain simple desire to earn. As the head of coordination council of the Ukrainian credit - the bank union Boris Sobolev has declared yesterday, the excessive demand for currency is not present. It connects an April rise in prices with growth of power tariffs. Easy and the population: an excessive demand for products of the first necessity anywhere in Ukraine it is not observed, and the people if watch events, watchfully.