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The Security Council has voted against Ahtisaari

the plan across Kosovo can be rejected

the UN Security Council at the private meeting which has taken place on Tuesday, has not supported the plan of settlement of the status of Kosovo, offered by the special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations in edge Martti Ahtisaari. In support of the plan providing branch Kosovo from Serbia and granting to it of independence, representatives only four member countries of Security Council from fifteen have acted. Russia, Ahtisaari initially opposing the plan, has managed to convince the majority of diplomats that the edge branch can become the extremely dangerous precedent in a world policy.

session according to plan of Ahtisaari had advisory character. Councillors of Safety should listen g - on Ahtisaari, and also the prime minister - the minister of Serbia Voislava Koshtunitsu then to exchange opinions and to solve a question on resolution drawing up according to plan and its removal on the nearest official session of Security Council. The day before the secretary general of the United Nations Ban Ki-moon has once again reminded members SB that it completely supports these offers.

it is necessary to notice that the president of the self-proclaimed republic Kosovo Fatmir Sejdiu that is regulations infringement has been invited to session also - heads of not recognised states have no right to act in Security Council. The Russian delegation has declared inadmissibility of presence of Sejdiu at session. The representative of Kosovan Albanians was offered for hearing within the limits of so-called procedure of Ariasa - upon termination of session and not in an UNSF hall. The source in the Russian diplomatic circles, present at session, has told daily that the constant representative of Russia in the United Nations Vitaly Tchurkin has declared: presence of Fatmira Sejdiu it will be apprehended as an incorrect signal that the question on branch of Kosovo from Serbia is already solved . As a result of four-hour private consultations it was accepted not to start up the decision of the representative of Kosovan Albanians on session.

Nakat was very powerful, - the interlocutor daily has noted. - the Western countries are unequivocally adjusted on immediate acceptance of the plan of Ahtisaari. However we managed to break a situation and to prove to the majority of members of Security Council that the branch of Kosovo can become dangerous precedent and tomorrow a situation similar Kosovan, can repeat and at them . We will remind that in the UN Security Council besides five constant members - Russia, the USA, Great Britain, France and China - enters ten more non-permanent members from various regions of the world. Now Europe Belgium, Italy and Slovakia represent to UNSF, Asia - Indonesia and Qatar, Africa - Ghana, Congo and the republic of South Africa, and Latin America - Panama and Peru.

we overpersuaded nobody, - the Russian diplomat has told. - we have simply reminded obvious things. United Nations basis - respect of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the states. Serbia - the sovereign state, the full member of the United Nations. And that fact that the organisation hands of special representative Ahtisaari and with the consent of secretary general Ban Ki-moon is going to dismember Serbia, has caused not simply questions, and the present panic in the majority of members of Security Council .

As a result only four members SB have acted for resolution acceptance under the report of Ahtisaari from fifteen. Delegations have gone on consultation of a management of the countries. However, yesterday was not solving. however we managed - to break the main thing diligently imposed stereotype according to which Kosovo against branch acts only Russia, being guided only by the affinity with Serbia. It seems, in the world start to understand that the Kosovan problem concerns all - the Russian diplomat underlines.