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Guterres the head of Ministry of Trade of the USA calls in the WTO

has promised Russia support

Yesterday three-day visit of the minister of trade of the USA Carlos Guterresa to Moscow has come to the end. Forthcoming Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization became a main point. The minister of trade has let know that the USA will give the maximum support of Russia in the course of negotiations with other countries.

the schedule of stay of the American minister in Moscow was such dense that he even had to refuse the trip planned by the visit schedule to Ukraine. Carlos Guterres has acted with lecture at the economy Higher school, has taken part in annual conference of the American chamber of commerce. He even has had time to communicate to representatives of business, in particular has visited the design centre of company Boeing. But negotiations g - on Guterresa with representatives of the Russian government became the main event of visit. It has discussed with the first vitse - prime minister Sergey Ivanov of prospect further Russian - the American cooperation. Forthcoming Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization became the main question of a meeting with the minister of economic development Herman Gref.

we will remind that to the WTO Americans have given the basic consent to joining of Russia in the autumn of last year when in November the bilateral agreement has been signed. However till now the USA still have claims to the Russian side. They first of all concern agricultural grants and intellectual property protection. According to Carlos Guterresa, today 10 % of medical products in the world are made in the piracy way, 80 % of the software also are counterfeit. Thus Russia is high on the list on volume of piracy production. it not only an economic problem, but also a safety issue, - was underlined by the minister. - we want to promote very quickly in the decision of these questions .

the American minister of trade also has promised to cancel the amendment operating for today Jackson-Venika which limited since 1974 foreign trade from the USSR and has automatically extended to Russia after Union disintegration. Now, as Minister of economic development and trade Herman Gref has noted, restrictions on the Russian deliveries in the USA remain, however concerning, for example, uranium production and nitrate of ammonium the problem is almost solved. The American colleague did not begin to designate concrete date of full removal of restrictions, but has let know that it should occur till the Russia`s accession to the World Trade Organization moment. membership of Russia in the WTO is impossible, if the amendment is not cancelled, - has told g - n Guterres. Is can happen in the near future, the administration of the USA has already given on this consent .

Under optimistic plans MERT, Russia should appear in the WTO by the end of this year. As Herman Gref has noted, many indicators of the three-year budget were imposed taking into account that since 2008 the country becomes the full member of the WTO. However it is necessary for it to receive for remained time on this consent of Vietnam, the agreement with which the authorities hope to sign within a month, and also Cambodia, Guatemala and Georgia which has withdrawn the signature last year from - for deterioration of relations with Moscow. we support to our Russian partners at the conclusion of multilateral agreements - has declared Guterres.

However, according to experts, loyalty of one of the most influential members of negotiating process does not guarantee on 100 % of problemless joining of Russia to the WTO. last year`s practice has shown that the reached progress in mutual relations has not prevented Georgia to remove the signature from the USA at the last minute, - the director of department of strategic analysis FBK Igor Nikolays speaks. - Negotiations with remained countries will go the turn .