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Moscow without meetings

Moscow City Council has limited the rights of Muscovites

to hold meetings, processions and pickets in Moscow now it will be much more difficult. Yesterday deputies of Moscow City Council have approved the bill which limits quantity of participants as street actions, and that pass in premises. The bill has caused sharp discontent of representatives of in opposition adjusted parties.

on carrying out of meetings in Moscow capital deputies tried to enter Restrictions in December, 2005. Then the bill has been accepted in the first reading. Deputies motivated acceptance of the document with necessity of safety of Muscovites. However process was tightened - the document has caused fierce disputes. Basically they concerned necessity of giving of notices at carrying out of meetings and introductions of norms of fillability of territories at the organisation of public actions.

the Bill has been sent on the conclusion in the government of Moscow. Yury Luzhkov has made the offers. According to them, at carrying out of street actions on two persons should have not less than one square metre of territory. If action passes in a building, organizers should take care of enough of seats. Territories of the objects concerning monuments of culture and stories, under these norms do not get - as will pass meetings in these zones, the government of Moscow yet has not solved and intends to develop the separate statutory act within three months.

also the stage of preparation for meetings enough will be difficult. The bill obliges their organizers to direct to executive powers (prefecture of districts) notices on preparing meetings or pickets with the information on a place, time and prospective quantity of participants. If action covers territory more than one administrative district or the quantity of participants can exceed 5 thousand The person, the notice goes already to the capital government.

in spite of the fact that the bill has been again scarified by representatives of opposition parties, for 25 deputies have voted at six against . Deputy Sergey Mitrokhin (fraction the Apple - Incorporated democrats ) Has declared that the law arranges carrying out of mass actions by set of bureaucratic obstacles which will even more untie to officials of a hand for prohibition of objectionable actions.

in itself time of acceptance of this bill is absolutely unequivocal signal that the power is ready to receive in streets only those demonstrations and processions which suit it - the political scientist, the leading research assistant of Institute of geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences Dmitry Oreshkin considers. According to the deputy director of Institute of social systems of the Moscow State University Dmitry Badovsky, the in itself bill it is politically neutral and adequate. often questions arise not to laws, and how they are applied, - speaks g - n Badovsky. - to Estimate political effect of this legislative initiative it will be possible only when we will see real consequences of its application .