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The ABM as a change

Poland and Czechia have miscalculated, having allowed to place the ABM in the territory

On Tuesday the deputy minister of defence of the USA on political problems Eric Edelman has declared that States can give Russia access to the information received from stations of tracking of the American antimissile defence which the Pentagon plans to create in Czechia. He also has noticed that Washington hopes for cooperation with Moscow concerning placing of elements of the ABM in the Eastern Europe, however has added that the USA will not allow Russia to dictate, as Americans should run business with other states . Having placed ten rockets in Poland and tracking station in Czechia, Americans stolbjat a place for the further strengthening of the military presence at region. However, it is not excluded that the American ABM in Europe in the future can become a change in a course the big game .

the Government of the Russian Federation repeatedly declared inadmissibility of expansion of systems of the American antimissile defence near to the Russian borders in Europe. The chief of the Joint Staff Yury Baluevsky even spoke about possibility of a unilateral exit of Russia from the contract on liquidation of rockets of average and smaller range. If similar really happens, a new coil of race of arms, according to experts, hardly it will be possible to avoid. In this situation will win first of all military - an industrial complex of the USA, the European Union and Russia will lose obviously. placing of elements of system of the ABM of the USA in the countries Central and the Eastern Europe - risk both for Russia, and for the Europe - has declared yesterday, acting at the Yerevan university, the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov.

the Russian military men repeatedly said that objects of the American ABM in Europe can appear under a sight of the Russian rockets. And it, naturally, will not be reflected positively in development of good-neighbourhood of Russia with the European Union. in case of ABM placing in the Eastern Europe there is a big risk of a distance between Russia, the European Union and States - the expert of the international institute of strategic researches is assured of London Patrick Kronin.

Between Russia and the European Union countries with 1990 - h years negotiations were carried on for creation of joint antimissile defence that, certainly, contradicted geopolitical interests of the USA. Americans have managed to convince Europeans of senselessness of similar defence and now, having used rather loyal it the states in the Eastern Europe, as a matter of fact, have buried Russian - European the project for years, if not for ever. And also that is even more important for Europeans, have in passing destroyed the European concept of uniform defensive space. the USA have simply pulled out Czechia and Poland from this space. It is the most powerful blow and a victory of Americans over the European grandees - the senior adviser the FEAST - the centre, the general - the lieutenant of Service of external investigation in resignation Gennady Evstafev has told in conversation with the correspondent daily.

By words g - on Evstafeva, placing the ABM in Europe, the USA solve a legal problem and stolbjat to themselves a place: In the future on the same place Americans can develop a military infrastructure, place other rockets. However it will already depend on the further succession of events . For Poland and Czechia ABM placing in their territory can become the largest miscalculation. at geopolitical exchange Americans will dump these ten rockets as garbage, and hardly begin to protect the allies in the Eastern Europe which very much count on it - Gennady Evstafev underlines.