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The Golden Age of Yakutia

to the republic railways designate the fantastic future

“ the Railways of Yakutia “ eksplua ­ tirujut one small branch also transport rather modest quantity of cargoes, but, under forecasts of analysts, in five years obe ­ we of company transportations will increase in 40 times, and incomes will make almost 800 million dollars the Reason for it is sale of the Yakut coal and metallurgical actives.

Open Society “ the Joint-stock company “ the Railways of Yakutia “ (ZHDJA) it was created in 1995 for building of a branch line of Berkakit - Tommot - Yakutsk which will connect Yakutia with uniform transport system of the country. Now the basic active of the company is the operating branch of Berkakit - Tommot. In February the state has brought 50 % of actions ZHDJA being in the federal property in an authorised capital stock “ the Russian railways “ (Russian Railway). 40,5 more % of actions ZHDJA belong to the Ministry of Property Republics Sakhas (Yakutia).

By the current moment volumes of a goods traffic of the company are insignificant enough - about 2 million t in a year. But, according to state-of-the-art review IK “ Veles the Capital “ by 2012 volumes of transportations should increase more than in 20 times and exceed 40 million t in a year. By estimations of analysts, by this period company incomes will increase more than in 30 times and will reach almost 800 million dollars this year analysts predict increase in a goods traffic of the company in 2 times, to 5,5 million t, net profit - in 2,5 times, to 19,9 million dollars, a gain - in 2 times, to 70,2 million dollars

“ Optimistichnost forecasts it is caused by that building of the railway to Yakutsk will provide the easiest and cheap access to Yakut coal and zhelezorudnym to deposits “ - analyst IK " has told daily; Veles the Capital “ Stanislav Fomenko. According to the review, development only the Elginsky deposit is capable to generate an additional goods traffic in 30 million volume t in a year. According to Stanislav Fomenko, congestion of a highway also will provide transfer cεβεπνξγξ delivery on railway communication and building of seven state district power stations in the south of Yakutia. It is supposed also that on this railway it will be possible to deliver the goods from China on the river Lena on Northern sea way.

financial forecasts are formed proceeding from the forecast of volumes of a goods traffic. “ prompt expansion of volumes of transportations also will cause in the future growth of incomes and profits “ - Stanislav Fomenko speaks. As he said, a bargaining chip forming cost of the company, - state blow ­ stvennoe financing kapzatrat. “ the Company receives actives actually for nothing, - explains g - n Fomenko. - absence of necessity of financing kapzatrat also forms such high cost of business of the company. The profit lion`s share settles in cost, instead of reinvestiruetsja in manufacture “.

However the relation to similar programs ­ nozam developments ZHDJA while the guarded. “ to increase volume of transportations in 20 times it will not turn out, - analyst IB " has told daily; the Trust “ Evgenie Shago. - From Yakutia there is simply nothing to take out in such volume, and coal mining growth on an order is improbable “. As analyst IK " has noted in turn; finam “ Vladimir Sergievsky, unique possibility on increase in a turnover of goods is connected with potential transportation of oil, but it is a question not the next five years. “ similar plans from the fantasy category, - are told daily by analyst IK “ Brokerkreditservis “ Anastas Zhdanova. - the desire to be on sale " can be the reason of such aggressive forecasts only;. In the Russian Railway daily have told that find so optimistical forecasts rather strange though at development of the Yakut deposits chances of serious growth of a goods traffic at ZHDJA are.

Financial indicators of work “ the Railways of Yakutia “ (million dollars)

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015
the Gain 20,5 35,6 70,2 164,7 324,7 507,7 545,7 770 827,7 889,8 889,8
EBITDA 2,4 11,6 24,6 87,5 149,3 271,1 210,5 359,7 350,5 391,8 391,8
Net profit 0,4 8 19,9 67,8 115,2 208,2 165,3 283,5 283,4 323,4 333,3
the Source: the given companies, the Estimation: “ Veles the Capital “