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the Pole Gold will give a quarter

to shareholders have promised dividends

the Largest gold miner of the country - Open Society the Pole Gold - at last - that has decided to please the shareholders with dividends and has got a corresponding policy. Henceforth the company will pay to 25 % of net profit as dividends if such decision will accept general meeting of shareholders. According to experts, such policy became already norm for the Russian companies of sector though for many of them is a luxury.

the Enterprises entering in the Pole Gold last year have made 37,8 t affinirovannogo gold, having shown a manufacture gain for a year of 17 %. EBITDA the companies the operational profit - about 200 million dollars is predicted at level of 300 million dollars, and the gold receipt on MSFO can increase in comparison with 2005 by 56 %, to 739 million dollars 51 % of actions supervise Vladimir Potanin and Michael Prokhorov, 49 % of shares of company are quoted on RTS and in the form of GDR at the London stock exchange.

Board of directors the Pole Gold has made on Tuesday decision to direct on payment of dividends to a quarter of net profit of the company on MSFO. Thus, following the results of 2006 shareholders can already receive 50 million dollars (the reporting on MSFO did not leave yet, under forecasts of the company, the size of net profit will make 200 million dollars) .

However, any payments can and not occur. In November of last year the general director of the company Evgenie Ivanov has informed journalists on plans of board of directors Poles to recommend not to pay dividends for 2006. However, as have explained daily in a press - company service, Evgenie Ivanovich has announced the perspective vision on this point in question and the decision on payment accepts general meeting of shareholders on the basis of recommendations of board of directors. The word board of directors will tell in April, and the final decision will be accepted by shareholders at annual meeting which will pass in June. Perhaps, the decision on payment of dividends will be accepted only one shareholder: after the decision on business division between Vladimir Potanin and Michael Prokhorov in hands of the last it can appear to 51 % of actions Poles .

According to the experts, proclaimed the Pole dividendnaja the policy is not something new to the sector companies. many metkompanii and mining direct for these needs on 25 % - the analyst of Bank of Moscow Dmitry Skvortsov speaks. However, certain novelty is present at the decision. In the confirmed position about dividendnoj to a policy of the company it is said that dividends are defined from net profit on MSFO. However the profit after the taxation on RSBU will be a source of payment of dividends. I meet for the first time such formulation - analyst IK " speaks; Aton Vladimir Katunin.

According to experts to pay such share have arrived to shareholders Poles early, considering company plans. if they annually direct to 25 % have arrived to shareholders, the company should occupy the large sums in the debt market - explains g - n Katunin. Shareholders have approved a step of board of directors: on LSE actions Poles Have gone up in price on 1,38 %.