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I never would like to be a doll

interview to singer Emma Shapplin

the Owner of a coloratura soprano Frenchwoman EMMA SHAPPLIN will act on April, 22nd in the Kremlin with the new program. On the eve of a capital concert the singer has met the correspondent daily TIMUR ARKHANGELSK to tell about how have helped it with creativity Karl Lagerfeld, martial arts and a heavy rock.

- Tell, you feel yourselves more as the opera or variety singer? You after all do not avoid modern arrangements.

- Know, definition a crossover in relation to my creativity directly me precisely does not concern.

- But after all you compare to Saroj Brajtman and Andrea Bochelli. How you can comment on it?

- it seems To me, it concerns professional work of workers of media sphere more and promoters - to build similar parallels. I so do not think. After all it not such and a good piece. The trade is a trade, and my trade is that I am able to do. And if to speak about Sare Brajtman and Andrea Bochelli, they executors. I act in several forms - both the composer, and the executor, and itself I realise the ideas on a scene as the director. I in very volume kind work over performances. Up to suits which will be on actors in my performance. I am interested in general in everything that is connected about a prorecension ­ stvom: I select musicians, photos, dresses. Also I do not position myself as the singer, and, more likely, as creator of the special Universe which tool I am.

- your shows are popular thanks n no small part to audiovisual effects. Whether there were desires to make the program together with the compatriot Jean - Michel Zharom?

- Can be. I here remember now, and it seems to me, my manager carried on with it negotiations in this respect. However, it has ended with nothing.

- you began as the participant a hard - fate - commands North Wind. Why finally have chosen classics?

- Well, I nevertheless have begun with classical music. I had very high and shrill voice. Even when I spoke silently, in other end of a premise it all the same sounded as shout. Then I have understood that the classical opera not for me, and began to work over the voice that it ogrubit, to give it other tonality. I smoked on two packs of cigarettes for a day that also have helped to lower a timbre. I had changes in a voice, because a hard - fate - aggressive music. And it has expanded my natural range.

Since the childhood I was very fragile and not protected child, and all strove to nibble me for a cheek. But I would not like to be a doll, fragile and vulnerable because many confused it to backwardness and infantilism. And heavy music has helped me to leave such condition. At the same time I can be and another - explosive and aggressive. And besides heavy music has helped me to avoid irascibility, it is better to own negative emotions. The anger in itself is very negative and does not result in what.

- That is for you a hard - the fate became something like oriental combat sport?

- Yes, I and boxing was engaged for the same reason. But has stopped - has noticed that began to acquire muscles. But regularly I go to pool, and houses at me the pear with which I kick from time to time hangs. It is very important for concentration and to a certain extent removes aggression and a rage. When you concentrate on force, but you do not want to cause anybody harm. It helps me to sing and work better on a scene with bolshej self-return.

- And heavy music has affected as - that your musical preferences?

- In 18 years I lived in the USA and have got acquainted with children who played a genre a rhythm - end - a blues. This direction seemed to me nice. Then I have opened other interesting musical directions. I can not tell that allocated for myself something concrete, but much absorbed. And special preferences at me are not present and now.

- whether you Are going to continue further experiments in the creativity or, on the contrary, more attention will give to classical music?

- I continue to find new forms of expression and now. And in my latest album MK (Madlena Kin) the main operating character on behalf of whom I sing, so is not similar to all that I did before that I can to be learnt. I at all do not rank myself to puristam when I listen to a classical opera, but this genre is pleasant to me. And if when - nibud I have a possibility to act in to a Traviata I will work much over image. That the character was not to checkpoints, and became event.

- I Suspect that besides music you also jealously concern the fashion world. Tell, how you became Karl Lagerfeld person? Do not think of creation of own fashion line?

- We have got acquainted under very amusing circumstances. When I soz ­ gave an image of the heroine from last disk - Madleny Kin, I worked over its appearance: a hairdress, style. Has made photosession and has seen that the character has turned out not absolutely such what I conceived it. And my producer Lui, having seen turned out image, has told: So same Lagerfeld! and then we left on it, and at me giving to drink ­ possibility to get clothes for creation of an image Madleny Kin in performance which you will see in Moscow was twisted. And thought to create own collection at me is. But I would not like, that it there was any thought over calculation. Probably, further. Why is not present?