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OST and Ladoga will reshuffle vodka

the companies have passed to joint distribution

the Group of companies OST does not leave attempts to unite business with the strong partner. After unfortunate merge with RVVK the Moscow manufacturer has found to itself the partner in Petersburg. To them became Ladoga whose brands group OST has included in the si ­ stemu distributions in the Moscow region. Ladoga in turn, sells alcoholic brands OST in Petersburg. Osno ­ vatel groups OST Vladimir Pekarev does not exclude the further association biznesov, and with participation and other alcoholic companies.

GK OST the prorecension ­ is engaged; stvom alcohol, soft drinks, distribution and systems - telnym business. The consolidated turn in 2006 has made 10,15 mlrd rbl. According to Rosstata, in 2006 CHZAP OST - Alko has made about 3,3 million has given vodka. Holding Ladoga it is based in 1995, a gain in 2006 - 2,4 mlrd rbl. According to Rosstata, in 2006 Ladoga has made 2 million has given vodka.

that OST and Ladoga have passed to joint distribution, daily has told a source familiar with plans of both enterprises. Do not deny it and in the companies. According to general director GK OST Alexander Lazuto, the companies co-operate two months.

the general director of the holding company Ladoga Veniamin Grabar, in turn, has told that following the results of the first quarter 2007 such cooperation has already shown good results. At present Ladoga not the unique foreign client OST - the Trade (distribjutorskaja the company). Port ­ fel the companies on 30 % it is filled by another`s brands, and negotiations with new customers are actively conducted, have explained daily in a press - service GK OST .

As mark in both companies, the question on merge yet does not cost on the agenda. However the founder and co-owner GK OST Vladimir Pekarev does not exclude also further obe ­ dinenija biznesov the companies, and speech can go also about the expanded association with wide structure of participants. As he said, to consolidation of large players pushes the logician of development of the alcoholic market. a question in how this association " will look; - has declared g - n Pekarev daily, having added that definitively this question will dare in a year - two.

OST not for the first time reflects on partnership with the large alcoholic company. In the end of 2005 it became known about negotiations of the company with RVVK. Then it was a question of the joint venture in which the companies would unite portfolios of brands and distribution, besides within the limits of merge OST would transfer in the joint venture and an industrial platform in Chernogolovke situated near Moscow. In the spring of last year OST and RVVK declared distribution association. However merge was not set, and today the parties have returned to initial positions: RVVK places the order for vodka pouring the Leader in Chernogolovke.

If this time OST and Ladoga all - taki will unite, the new company can supervise 5 % of the market that will allow it to compete to today`s leaders - Moscow the Crystal Russian alcohol and Vedoj .

the Transaction with RRVK was more interesting: then OST received for the brands the good locomotive in a kind the Leader and portfolios OST and Ladoga Concern a mass segment and consequently each other will not pull - the vice-president " considers; Parliament of groups Sergey Kuprijanov. And commercial director GK Russian alcohol Vadim Kasyanov believes that in case of association both companies will be the winner: And OST and Ladoga strong enough players with made brands .

In opinion g - on Kasyanov, even simple association of distribution will help the companies. President TPG agrees with it " also; the Crystal (Kaluga) Sergey Zivenko: From the point of view of logistics improvement it is a normal step. I think that such association will give a positive effect .