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the Organizer of the auctions - the competitive managing director Open Company ZHKS - Siberia a Tolkachyov Sergey Vasilevich (an INN 032500343369, SNILS 003 - 024 - 002549, the mailing address: 670000, Republic Buryatiya, the Uhlan - Ude and/ I 4344, bodies.: (3012) 556933, tolkachov - sv@yandex. ru) NP SRO AU being a member Association (an INN 5835045138, OGRN 1025801216330, the address: 192012, St.-Petersburg, the lane 3 - j Rabfakovsky, d. 5, p. 4, letters) informs that the first auctions on sale of property of Open Company ZHKS - Siberia appointed on 29. 03. 2012, are recognised by not taken place.

the organizer of the auctions informs on carrying out of the repeated auctions on sale of property of Open Company ZHKS - Siberia (an INN 0323119395, OGRN 1040302651531, the address: 670031, the Uhlan - Ude, street Geological, d. 28).

the Repeated open auctions will take place 18. 05. 12 in 09. 00 ch. Leading of their results 18. 05. 12 in 10. 00 ch. (Everywhere under the text of the announcement time Moscow), on an electronic platform Interbranch trading electronic system the Manufacturer to the address in a network the Internet : http:www. fabrikant. ru Demands acceptance in electronic form on participation in the auctions is carried out to the address of an electronic platform: http:www. fabrikant. ru, with 00. 00 ch. 15. 04. 12 to 00. 00 ch. 17. 05. 2012 in a mode of daily round-the-clock work, except for time of carrying out of preventive works. The form of giving of offers on the price - opened. On the auctions the following property is exposed: a prize 1 : 28/ 65 shares in the right of the general share property to the underground parking place, located to the address: Republic Buryatiya, the Uhlan - Ude, street Geological, 28. Is a subject of pledge of Open Society Joint-stock commercial Bajkalbank . The initial price - 15 120 000 rbl. an auction Step - 100 000 rbl. The deposit - 20 % from the initial price. The winner of the auctions the participant who has offered the highest price admits. The decision of the organizer on definition of the winner is made out by the report on results of tendering. For participation in the auctions it is necessary: in the specified term of demands acceptance to make an application, conclude the contract on the deposit, to bring the deposit on special r/ from the debtor: Open Company ZHKS - Siberia an INN 0323119395, r/ with 40702810900000004560 in Open Society AK Bajkalbank in the Uhlan - Ude, to/ with 30101810200000000736, BIK 048142736.

the Demand moves in electronic form to the operator of an electronic platform. Documents are applied on the demand according to item 4. 3 Orders of Ministry of economic development and trade from 15. 02. 2010 54: the obligation of the participant to observe the requirements specified in the message, an extract from EGRJUL or EGRIP (no more than 6 months) or a notarial copy of an extract, a copy of the documents proving the identity (for fiz. Persons), certified transfer of documents on the state registration jur. The person or the state registration fiz. Persons as IP according to the law of the corresponding state (for the foreign person), a copy of the decision on approval or about fulfilment of the large transaction if such it is necessary according to the law and (or) constituent documents jur. Persons and if for the participant acquisition of property or deposit entering are the large transaction, a company name, data on the location, the mailing address (for jur. Persons), FIO, passport data, data on a residence (for fiz. Persons), the notarial consent of the spouse (at presence), phone, the e-mail address, an INN, documents on powers of the head, data on presence (absence) of interest of the applicant to the debtor, creditors, the arbitration managing director and about character of this interest, data on participation in the capital of the applicant of the arbitration managing director, data on the applicant, SRO AU, a member or which head is the arbitration managing director. The inventory of the presented documents is applied on the application form for participation in the auctions certified by the signature of the Applicant. The contract of purchase and sale with the winner consists within 10 days from the date of signing of the report on results. The buyer is obliged to pay property within 10 days from the date of the contract conclusion. To familiarise with tendering order, the information on property, forms of documents and etc. it is possible to the address: http:www. fabrikant. ru, and also to the address of the organizer of the auctions: the Uhlan - Ude, street Kalashnikov, 16 - 39, in the working days, bodies. (3012 556933.