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Competitive managing director Nikulina U. A (Ekaterinburg, street Vojvodina, 6, the entrance 4, office 6) holds the auctions on sale of the rights Open Company the Management company Biosphere (an INN 6627018760, OGRN 1086627000063, Sverdlovsk area, Degtjarsk, Gagarin`s street, 13) in the form of the auction opened on structure of participants with the open form of giving of offers in the electronic form on an electronic platform of Open Company JUTender . The auctions will take place 16. 05. 2012 in 12. 00 on an electronic platform in a network the Internet to the address: www. utender. ru.

the Prize 1 - the Right (requirement) belonging to Open Company Biosphere UK a face-value 1 130 340,96 rbl. the Initial price - 348 094,15 rbl.

an auction Step - 5 %, the deposit of 20 % from the initial price of a prize, requisites for deposit transfer: the addressee of Open Company the Management company Biosphere An INN 6627018760, r/ with 40702810700250007344 in Open Company Neiva Ekaterinburg, to/ with 30101810400000000774, BIK 046577774. Demands are accepted to the address: www. utender. ru with 09. 04. 2012 on 15. 05. 2012, the document on deposit payment is put to the demand. The maintenance of the demand and documents put to the demand should correspond to requirements of item 11 of item 110 of the Law on bankruptcy. Offers on the price are declared on an electronic platform by participants of the auctions openly during tendering by increase of the initial price of sale on size, multiple to size of a step of auction. The winner of the auctions the person who has offered the highest price for a prize admits. The cession contract consists with the winner of the auctions not later than 5 days from the date of the auctions. The winner of the auctions within 30 days from the date of signing of the contract of cession undertakes to pay a prize overall cost. The information on a prize on bodies. (343 287 - 12 - 23.