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Within the limits of business about bankruptcy นภ43 - 24028/ 2010 (it is considered by Arbitration court of the Nizhniy Novgorod region) MUP “ housing and communal services MISINFORMATION “ Kstovsky area (an INN 5250021323, OGRN 1025201985027, Kstovo, street Main, d. 22แ) the open auctions in the electronic form by means of the public offer on sale of apartment น17 to the address will take place: Kstovo, street Turgeneva, d. 2, a total area of 42,1 sq. m, one-room. The initial price of 1 224 000 roubles. Obremenenie - living physical persons. Reduction of price will take place at 23 o`clock. 59 minutes in the named dates: 22. 04. 12 - 1164000 rbl.; 27. 04. 12. - 1104000 rbl.; 07. 05. 12 - 1044000 rbl.; 15. 05. 12 - 984000 rbl. Demands acceptance are carried out with 16. 04. 12. On 22. 05. 12 years on a venue of the auctions: MTS “ the Manufacturer “ - www. fabrikant. ru. The demand should contain data on interest of the applicant in relation to the debtor, creditors, the managing director; about the name, the organizational form, an INN, passport data, a site of the applicant; with the appendix original or notarially certified copies valid: extracts from EGRJUL, constituent documents (for legal bodies); extracts from EGRIP (for Individual businessmen), passports (for physical persons); translation into Russian of documents on the state registration (for foreign persons); the documents confirming powers (for representatives); decisions on approval or on fulfilment of the large transaction; the payment document on entering of the deposit at a rate of 20 % from the price established for the period during which time the demand moves. The winner the participant, the first made an application with the price established in the operating period admits. The purchase and sale treaty provision - full payment not later than 30 days from the moment of signing. Bank details: MUP “ housing and communal services MISINFORMATION “ Kstovsky area Kstovsky branch of น4345 Kstovo, an INN 5250021323, a check point 525001001, r/ with 40602810342190000047 in Volgo - Vjatsky bank of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation Nizhni Novgorod, BIK 042202603, to/ with 30101810900000000603. The organizer of the auctions - member NP “ SRO NAU “ BUSINESS “: an INN 5010029544, Moscow, Altufevsky highway, d. 27, office 3210, reg. น0019 from 02. 12. 2003 Competitive managing director Mokrysheva Lyudmila Jurevna, an INN 52090051944, SNILS 117 - 504 - 377 - 41, accepts the copy of the demand and documents applied on it, enters into the agreement on the deposit to the address: Kstovo, street on May, 1st, 115, bodies. (83145 6 - 40 - 03. The repeated auctions on sale of the given apartment, appointed on 12. 04. 12 years, are recognised by not taken place in a kind of absence of demands.

the repeated auctions on sale of the rights of requirement MUP “ housing and communal services MISINFORMATION “ To the population ( the Prize น1 - face value 2 937 831 rouble and the Prize น2 - face value 372 163 roubles), appointed on 12. 04. 2012, are recognised by not taken place in a kind of presence of 1 (one) demand.