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Starbucks will lodge in IKEA

coffee houses will open in all shopping centres Mega

the Network of American coffee houses Starbucks, in September opened the first point in situated near Moscow trading - the entertaining centre Mega - Khimki plans and to develop further on areas IKEA. Under the information daily, a management company Moneks trading developing Starbucks in Russia, carries on negotiations with the Swedish company for the conclusion of the strategic agreement according to which the American coffee houses will be included into all shopping centres Mega . If the partnership takes place, in the beginning of next year of point Starbucks will be opened in Mega - the Warm camp and Mega - the White summer residence .

the American network of coffee houses Starbucks is based in 1971 in Seattle, the USA. Works more than in 40 countries. The company gain in 2006 financial year has made 7,8 mlrd dollars, net profit - 564 million dollars Management company in Russia - Open Company Moneks trading . In the end of 2006 the company within the limits of global expansion has declared intention till the end of 2007 to open the first coffee houses in Russia, and also to enter the markets of India, Egypt and Brazil.

about negotiations Moneks trading with Swedish IKEA daily has told one of management company partners. As he said, it is a question of the conclusion of the strategic agreement according to which Starbucks will enter into all shopping centres Mega in Russia. now the parties actively discuss working conditions in shopping centres IKEA in the Moscow region - Mega - the Warm camp and Mega - the White summer residence - tells a source. Under its data if the partnership takes place, coffee houses Starbucks will open in these shopping centres in the beginning of next year.

the representative of consulting company Cushman both Wakefield Stiles and Riabokobylko, the advising transaction Moneks Trading on rent of premises for Starbucks in Russia, has confirmed the fact of negotiations of the companies, however has declared that any documents it is not signed yet. Also about negotiations IKEA and Moneks Trading know and in consulting company Penny Lane Realty. Starbucks at once wanted to enter into Russia through shopping centres IKEA. Negotiations about partnership go many months - the director of department of trading real estate Penny Lane Realty Alexey Mogila speaks.

Starbucks already works in one shopping centre IKEA - in September the American coffee house has opened in Mega - Khimki . Investments into point opening were estimated in 200-300 thousand dollars Then representatives Moneks Trading have declared that till the end of the year Starbucks will appear and on New Arbate in Moscow. More detailed plans of development of the American network in Russia are kept a secret. President Starbucks Coffe Company across Europe, the Near East and Africa Kliff Barrouz frostily makes comments on plans for development Starbucks in Russia: Opening of other coffee houses will depend on results of work of the first point. We work more than in 40 markets, and we had a development strategy - we extend gradually, we open on one point . The company and in comments of the first results of work Starbucks in Russia is constrained. According to the director for marketing Moneks trading Marias Timoninoj, the quantity of visitors Starbucks in the first weeks has coincided with company expectations.

places in shopping centres Mega the basic competitors Starbucks in Russia have already staked out behind themselves. In shopping centres IKEA in the Moscow region work Coffee hauz SHokoladnitsa the Ideal cup . However, according to operating partner Z - Realty Dmitry Vorobeva, in these shopping centres Starbucks hardly will feel an essential competition to their party: the Consumer stream in Mege high enough, therefore the shopping centre can contain some institutions from one restaurant segment. At the same time the contract with IKEA would be rather favourable for Starbucks which, having entered into such agreement, can automatically expand the network in Russia .