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Commonwealth has found the investor

IFC the Kaliningrad group of companies " will give money for factory and the port terminal

; Commonwealth has found soinvestora the project on factory building on processing of agricultural production and the sea terminal for its transportation. The international financial corporation (IFC) has declared readiness to invest 100 million dollars of own means and to involve the credit for 50 million dollars at foreign banks on realisation of this project that the Group of companies " will provide to 40 % of necessary volume of financing of the project with total cost of 412 million dollars

; Commonwealth - the distributor of albuminous raw materials of a vegetative and animal origin largest in Russia, amino acids for manufacture of forages of agricultural animals, a bird and pets. The company occupies 63 % of the market corn gljutena, 40 % of the market of fodder components from a soya and 31,5 % of the market of fodder vitamins in the Russian Federation.

within the limits of the project Commonwealth intend to construct in settlement Light the Kaliningrad region masloekstraktsionnyj factory (MEZ) productivity of 3,5 thousand t soya seeds a day and the sea terminal with a planned turnover of goods to 2 million t bulk cargoes in a year and to 500 thousand t bulk cargoes in a year. Potential capacity of this factory can be increased to 3,5 million t in a year. Besides, the company plans to construct storehouse of loose vegetative cargoes (elevator and warehouses of floor storage) the general capacity of 166 thousand t single storage and storehouse of vegetable oils in total amount of storage of 42 thousand in cubic m.

Under construction already now MEZ will include shop of deep clearing of soya oil with productivity to 400 t a day refined deodorized soya oil and shop on manufacture of a food white petal by productivity 200 t a day. The basic production of factory becomes soya fodder vysokoproteinovyj tostirovannyj shrot (700 thousand t in a year), granulated tostirovannaja a soya cover (110 thousand t in a year), soya gidratirovannoe oil (202 thousand t in a year), rapsovoe gidratirovannoe oil (130 thousand t in a year), rapsovyj shrot (180 thousand t in a year) and 66 thousand t a white petal in a year.

as experts consider, today it is impossible to name soya business profitable. commonwealth is a monopolist in this market because has well debugged system of logistics and imports great volumes of raw materials. However at any moment on the market competitors and positions " can enter; Commonwealth will appear waters threat. The basic consumers soya shrota today are cattle-breeding economy as the soya is a basic component in mixed fodders, - the director for corporate questions of the company " considers; Bunge Cyril Bolmatov. - In Russia a soya make only in the Far East, in Khabarovsk territory, the Amur region and has some in the south of the country. Thus, to buy a soya it is necessary abroad. Soya oil in Russia practically is not consumed. The basic consumer is the Far East where it is grown up own, and partly Severo - the West where the soya gets from Europe .

Commonwealth is the largest importer of a soya to Russia. The company delivers from Europe, Brazil and Argentina of all volume of 85-95 % shrota which is delivered to Russia. they can deliver the processed soya first of all to poultry-farming economy and partly pig-breeding, - the director for company raw materials " explains; EFKO Valery Sergachev. - The Russian industrial enterprises can become buyers of production also, in a case if the price for production will be low. Otherwise they will use cheaper palm-oil. Difficulties for Commonwealth can represent the arrangement of the Kaliningrad region removed from Russia in connection with which production transportation can be inconvenient . Experts of port branch believe placing of the sea terminal in Kaliningrad a successful course. it is the transit port close to the European Union, besides, authors of the project, possibly, expect to use the privileges put to the Kaliningrad enterprises, - Vitaly Arhangelsky, the president of group " marks; Oslo Marinas started last year the new automobile terminal in Petersburg. - in the conditions of deficiency of reloading capacities in the Petersburg port of the investment into development of a port infrastructure in Kaliningrad are quite justified .