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MTS has started Blackberry

while only in Ukraine

In two years after the announcement of plans on introduction Blackberry - one of the most popular cellular services in the world - MTS of the first in the CIS has started this service. While only in Ukraine - to occurrence Blackberry in Russia stir power structures. Experts are afraid that, without having typed critical weight of users, Blackberry can and remain nishevoj service, as “ a Japanese miracle “ MTS i - Mode.

“ We the first in the CIS start service which became a hit on all continents “ - the general director " does not hide pride; MTS - Ukraine “ Pavel Pavlovsky. This service from the Canadian developer Research in Motion (RIM) opens the protected access to a corporate site, mail and other systems. The investment into the project of MTS does not open, but in the company say that they have hardly probable exceeded one million dollars. “ But we were spent for maintenance of sufficient capacity of a network for admission GPRS/ EDGE the traffic. It has managed to us in ten millions dollars “ - the head of Ukrainian MTS complains. While, by words g - on Pavlovsk, connection to Blackberry will be accessible only to corporate users. Them the operator hardly has less than one million that, according to MTS, makes about 64 % of all corporate users cellular communication of Ukraine.

installation and adjustment of platform Blackberry for the corporate server will manage the companies approximately in 8 thousand dollars License in this case is calculated on 20 employees, and connection of additional users costs 129 dollars for the subscriber. The monthly payment for use Blackberry will make 60 dollars, the Internet - the traffic thus not tarifitsiruetsja.

“ It nishevoj a product, it extremely difficultly we advance. I think that the volume of connections by quantity of corporate clients will be measured at the best by tens “ - analyst MForum Analytics Dmitry Days considers.

“ the user can check the mail at any time and in any place where is GPRS. It tightens “ - the vice-president on business development in CIS Alcatel Lucent Igor Marchenko speaks. Alcatel Lucent - official partner RIM in EMEA also is engaged in all negotiations with operators. RIM does not give exclusive rights on Blackberry to one operator and consequently soon start post service competitors of MTS can also.

Cīņīāūå the companies are afraid that present Blackberry in Russia will be never. These communicators are popular in the USA and Europe in many respects thanks to that the information transferred with their help is protected by cryptographic methods. In Russia to it disturbs SORM - on demand of special services operators are obliged to give them the necessary information which is transferred on telephone systems in the deciphered kind.

but yesterday in MTS have expressed confidence that will manage to solve this problem at last. According to Michael Gerchuka, the director of department of marketing of group of MTS, in Russia the operator “ is in a stage of reception of permissions from regulating bodies and power structures “. The general director “ Vympelcom “ Alexander Izosimov also hinted that, possibly, soon there will be a possibility of the decision of disagreements with agents of national security and service start.

for now in Russia it will be possible to use Ukrainian Blackberry. “ Yes, service in Russia is not certificated yet but as it render in Ukraine use Blackberry, connected here, is not forbidden in other countries “ - Pavel Pavlovsky speaks.