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IMHO has agreed with “ Rambler “

also has lost Mail. ru

the Largest Russian Internet - seller, company IMHO VI, has signed the agreement with “ Rambler of Media “ that from next year will sell advertising possibilities of starting page of portal Rambler. ru. Simultaneously, truth, IMHO will cease to sell advertising on starting page Mail. ru.

Yesterday the company “ Rambler of Media “ has informed on the agreement with the largest Russian the Internet - sellerom, company IMHO VI, about sale since 2008 “ parts of the advertising areas belonging ­“ Rambler of Media “ for the sum of 14 million dollars of year “. Till now advertising possibilities the Internet - a portal and a Rambler search engine. ru and site Lenta. ru realised agency entering into holding “ Θνδεκρ20 “. Chairman of the board IMHO VI Arsene Revazov has confirmed this agreement, having specified that IMHO will sell only main page of a portal. “ Besides, “ Rambler “ will use ours “ schitalkoj “ and technology of sales. And it is more important: as now TV advertising is on sale on rating points, and almost all sales on the Internet will be carried out by means of our system, and it will make the market is more transparent “ - speaks g - n Revazov.

we Will remind, IMHO VI has started to sell advertising on two largest Russian portals - “ Yandex “ and Mail. ru - since 2006. However, since 2007 Mail. ru has left selleru only advertising sale on the main page. Advertising on internal pages, including sites of projects (“ Mail “ “ Blogs “ “ the Photo “ “ Acquaintances “ and etc.) Mail. ru sells independently.

however, IMHO will not sell all three largest platforms - “ Yandex “ Mail. ru and Rambler - simultaneously. As has told daily a top - the manager large the Internet - the companies, since next year IMHO, probably, will not work with Mail. ru which has decided to sell advertising independently. “ possibly, IMHO has chosen “ Rambler of Media “ as replacement Mail. ru “ - the interlocutor daily speaks. It was confirmed also with general director Mail. ru Dmitry Grishin: “ Most likely, this step IMHO was a consequence of that we in Mail. ru have decided to refuse in 2008 services of agency and to sell advertising by own strength “. Causes of a failure from cooperation with IMHO he has refused to name. According to several participants of the market, the reason of that IMHO and Mail. ru have not agreed, there was that Mail. ru has made demands as which seller has considered impracticable.

Participants of the market consider that reception of the contract with “ Rambler “ will make loss Mail. ru not so notable for IMHO. “ At “ Rambler “ more age audience, and is a bit less share of youth audience. Probably, it will provide IMHO inflow of the advertisers focused on audience with the average and high income. But Mail. ru as a platform with the big traffic, probably, was more interesting “ - the general director of agency Advert speaks. ru Tatyana Kokanovich. Chief executive Afisha Digital Dmitry Stepanov notices that replacement Mail. ru on Rambler it is quite equivalent: “ On traffic Mail. ru not essentially more than Rambler. Possibly, in Mail. ru have considered that they in a condition to sell advertising more effectively and in great volumes, than it did IMHO. It will be curious to look, whether so it “. “ the Poster “ By words g - on Stepanova, next year plans to increase quantity sold IMHO the areas.

the director for media measurements TNS Gallup Media of Ruslan Tagiev has found it difficult to estimate a parity of audiences of starting pages Mail. ru and “ Rambler “ as the last are not included into project Web - Index. “ IMHO is able to solve different problems so I practically do not doubt that the combinations offered by the company “ Yandex “ and “ Rambler “ will be at all less successful, than “ Yandex “ - Mail. ru. Also I do not doubt that Mail. ru as the company aspiring to leadership in the market, will successfully cope with sale of own advertising possibilities “ - speaks g - n Tagiev. “ the Internet - the market grows quickly, and constant ­ changes on it including astable relations with sellerami, speak too fast growth “ - speaks g - n Tagiev. According to Association of communication agencies of Russia, sale of banner advertising for the first half of the year 2007 have grown on 52 % in comparison with the same period 2006 and have made 77 million dollars