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eksmo consolidates the market

publishing house has got 25 % of the company God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber

Publishing house eksmo one of the largest in Russia, has finished the transaction on acquisition of 25 % of publishing house God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber specialising on the edition of the business literature. Participants of the market explain the transaction desire eksmo to consolidate the market and to raise company cost, further to involve the financial investor.

publishing house eksmo it is formed in 1991, lets out more than 8 thousand names of books a year in the general circulation about 80 million copy By own estimations, the company occupies 14 % of the Russian book market. The company owns controlling stocks of networks New book and the Pedant .

Publishing house God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber It is created in 2005 by Michael Ivanov, Igor Mannom and Michael Ferberom. The publishing house posesses the rights to more than 50 names of books.

that one of the largest Russian publishing houses eksmo has finished the transaction on acquisition of 25 % plus one action of publishing house God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber daily has told a source familiar with a course of negotiations. As he said, negotiations lasted more than a year and have come to the end last month. The general director eksmo Oleg Novikov and the co-owner God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber Michael Ivanov have confirmed this information. Publishing house God-sends, Ivanov and Ferber in equal shares belonged to its founders - to Michael Ivanov, Michael Ferberu and Igor Mannu. As the interlocutor daily, now at all four partners marks almost equal shares - on 25 %. eksmo gives us new channels of distribution. Besides, by means of large publishing house we want to expand our possibilities: Simultaneously with an exit of the paper book we will let out its audioversion and videocourses - marks g - n Ivanov.

according to participants of the market, cost of 100 % of publishing house can already make 3-4 million dollars

This second acquisition eksmo for last month: in the beginning of September the publishing house has bought 51 % of division of audiobooks of the company Sidikom occupying 23 % of this market. Also, by words a top - the manager of large publishing house, from the beginning of year eksmo carried on negotiations for publishing house purchase Rosmen . But negotiations have come to the end with anything, the parties have not agreed on price - the interlocutor daily speaks.

Participants of the market consider development of a segment business - literatures as a perspective direction. it is one of the most profitable segments in book retail: expensive books aimed at audience with high incomes. If the average price of the usual book makes 150 rbl. That books in a segment business - literatures - 250-300 rbl. - the general director " speaks; Olma Media of Groups Dmitry Ivanov. The director for marketing agrees with it the book World Zafer Toker: Acquisition of the publishing house working in the market of the business literature, will allow eksmo to expand a grocery ruler and to involve new buyers . He notices that this transaction - continuation of consolidation of the shattered Russian book market. The financial director nuclear heating plant Oleg Bartenev notices that market consolidation goes already two - three years, but obvious became only from the end 2006 - the beginnings of 2007. now there is a struggle between us and eksmo for a company share in the market which will allow to receive the big cost of the company at sale - speaks g - n Bartenev. He notices that all large players of the book market try to involve financial investors. At volume of the market more than in 2 mlrd dollars investment possibilities of players do not exceed 200 million dollars And for active development of branch 10 % from market volume, and 50-100 % are necessary not. Therefore we are very interested in attraction of investments which will allow for two - three years to transform printing houses and a retail segment .