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Lithuania calls Belarus in a pipe

bypassing Russia

Lithuania after Kazakhstan has offered Belarus cooperation in sphere of transportation of power resources. She suggests to carry out transit of oil which Belarus will buy abroad, through the seaport in Klaipeda, and then on pipeline system of the country. Experts consider that such diversification will manage Belarus twice more expensively, than deliveries of oil from Russia on the oil pipeline Friendship .

we Will remind that Belarus seriously considers idea of a diversification of the export of power resources. In the long term the president of the country Alexander Lukashenko hopes to finish a share of deliveries of oil not from Russia to 20 % from total number of deliveries of this kind of fuel. For today Belarus on 100 % imports oil from Russia.

however the rise in price of the Russian power resources has induced the Belarus authorities on search of new partners in power sphere. Belarus has agreed with Iran about participation in working out of a deposit of Dzhofeir where Minsk expects to extract to 40 thousand barrels of oil a day. Negotiations are carried on for power cooperation and with other countries among which Belarus considers as the most perspective partner Venezuela. Also Belarus intends to co-operate in this sphere with Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. And with Kazakhstan Belarus has agreed recently about transportation of oil of this country through territory of Belarus and its partial processing on the countries NPZ.

yesterday the minister of an economy of Lithuania Vitas Navitskas has sounded the offer of the Baltic country to participate in joint with Belarus realisations of projects on oil transportation. we are ready to consider projects interesting Belarus on oil transit through the Klaipeda port - he has told, having added that the Lithuanian party expects from Belarus of specific proposals on this point in question, quotes the official agency BELTA. According to the Lithuanian experts, in case of realisation of such project the transport system of Lithuania is ready to pump over on pipelines to Belarus of 5-6 million t oil which can be delivered by the sea in the Klaipeda port from - for a boundary.

the chairman of the board of the Belarus investment company JUniter Andrey Dereh considers that such cooperation is quite possible in the near future, considering building prospects in Russia alternative to Friendship oil pipe BTS - 2, and also presence in Lithuania a standing idle branch from Friendship which can be used in reversnom a mode. According to the expert, in interests of power safety of Belarus it is necessary to diversify routes of delivery of power resources even if it will appear economically less favourably, than a today`s variant. By its calculations, deliveries of oil from Iran in the Lithuanian port in Klaipeda can manage Belarus twice more expensively, than oil deliveries in the same volume from Russia on the pipeline Friendship .

As the general director of Agency of political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov notices, the future cooperation of Lithuania and Belarus will not affect negatively positions of the Russian exporters of oil. The analyst believes that statements of Lithuania have more likely political character, considering that extraction of oil by Belarus in Iran or Venezuela yet is not the come true fact. Thus, by its estimations, the project economy will be the oil proved only in case of deliveries from Iran, and all the same at the expense of necessity of its further transportation by rail it will appear more expensively, than on to Friendship . Oil from Venezuela as the expert notices, will deliver through Lithuania by sea is unprofitable from - for a long distance between points. To pay back these deliveries, the raw materials should be cheaper than market price.