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“ Gazprom oil “ undertook reform

Changes will begin with the Moscow office

the Management “ oil Gazprom “ will change structure of management of the company. The part of administrative functions will be transferred from the centre in regions, and branches become more independent. Experts believe that changes will go “ oil Gazprom “ on advantage: its president Alexander Djukov earlier heading holding “ Sibur “ already has successful experience of reforming of the large company.

in structure “ oil Gazprom “ eight oil-extracting enterprises (HMAO, JANAO, Chukchi joint-stock company, Tomsk and Omsk areas), oil refining factory in Omsk and 16 companies on sale of oil products ­(Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan­) enter­­. “ Gazprom oil “ has also geological prospecting and petroservice divisions. In the company works about 45 thousand The person, from them approximately one thousand person are employees of the central office in Moscow.

company reform assumes “ stage-by-stage transition from linearly - functional structure of management to target divisional structure “ it is informed in a press - release “ oil Gazprom “. In a press - to company service daily have explained that all industrial activity will be soon divided into some blocks - battalions: extraction and transportation, petroservices, processing, logistics, retail realisation, wholesale realisation. Thus the company will have a uniform strategy to which all affiliated societies should follow, underline in “ oil Gazprom “.

Divisional structure - the optimum mechanism providing efficient control in large holding, the assistant to the general director of the company " speaks; Technologies of corporate governance “ Alexey Moskvin. “ Within the limits of each battalion the structure of management which is ground on a concrete kind of activity is formed and allows to react much more operatively to change of conditions of a competition, requirements of buyers and the production technology “ - he underlines. G - n Moskvin reminds that earlier similar reform has occurred in the Russian Open Society “ UES of Russia “ where have been created business - units. But the divisional structure is not deprived lacks: duplication of separate administrative functions in regional divisions can conduct to growth of expenses, the expert adds.

as has informed daily a source close to “ ­ oil Gazprom ­“ the recent analysis of structure and number of the device of the Moscow office has shown presence superfluous structural and established posts which duplicate functions each other, carry out a part of functions of affiliated societies that conducts to management efficiency decrease in the fast-growing company and to excessive administrative expenses. Besides, the new purposes of business and company strategy change requirements to people, and not all are ready to work in changing conditions, considers a source.

a source in “ oil Gazprom “ believes that till the end of the year at the Moscow office 8-10 % of established posts will be reduced, however underlines that approximately their half is vacant now, that is employees will be reduced less. At the same time he notices that the company enters new system of training and perfection ­ of the shots, a so-called personnel reserve of which the future heads will be formed.

in the end of the year results of work of employees will be compared with confirmed in the beginning of year the plan, and on the basis of this data the management will make the decision on the size of awarding of employees, believes a source in the companies. It also explains that the part from the salary fund released as a result of optimisation can be distributed between other employees of the company.