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KES have declassified

the company has sold actions TGK - 9 for purchase dopemissii TGK - 5

the Shareholder of Territorial generating company N9 (TGK - 9) the French bank group BNP Paribas Security Services has had time to visit. Yesterday genkompanija has informed on changes in structure of shareholders: share KES was reduced, and BNP - has grown approximately on 14 %. However among shareholders TGK - 9 French companies already are not present. As have explained in KES - Holding, actions have been sold within the limits of transaction REPO in May, and in September the package is redeemed back. Experts consider that means from sale of actions KES has spent on dopemissiju Territorial generating company N5 (TGK - 5).

As yesterday has informed TGK - 9, the share of offshore Integrated Energy System (enters into structure KES - Holding) in genkompanii was reduced with 27,78 to 13,89 %. Also there was an information on acquisition by the French bank group BNP Paribas Security Services about 14,63 % of actions TGK - 9. Let`s remind that shareholders TGK - 9 now also are the Russian Open Society UES of Russia (50,05 %) and two offshore KES: Inguri Management Ltd. (2,65 %) and Lindsell Enterprises Ltd. (1,2 %).

the Informed source close to genkompanii, has assured daily that final benefitsiary shares KES - Holding remained former and changes in share capital structure have technical character. In KES have confirmed that the company share in TGK - 9 has not changed and makes about 30 %.

In holding have informed also that the transaction has been spent with the right of the return repayment of actions (REPO), as has been made. actions TGK - 9 KES have sold BNP in May, and in September they have been redeemed - have specified daily in the company. The further comments in the company have refused. In BNP Paribas have informed that the transaction has been made in interests of the client, however did not begin to make comments on a detail.

Experts consider that in such a way the company has involved means for purchase dopemissii TGK - 5. It is one of the most legally reliable schemes of attraction of means - Dmitry Terekhov from IK " marks; Antanta the Capital . KES sells actions, receives money, and after a while redeems a package back, - it explains. As a matter of fact is the same credit . Proceeding from yesterday`s capitalisation TGK - 9 14,65 - the percentage package cost 5,75 mlrd rbl. of Dopemissii TGK - 5 has managed KES twice more expensively, in 11,6 mlrd rbl. In KES do not make comments on this information.

according to branch analysts, KES it is insured against possible rise in price of sold packages daughters the Russian Open Society EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY . Vladimir Sklyar from the Capital Renaissance reminds that the power holding on Friday has raised the action price at placing to 8,57 copeck The state share exposed on sale at a rate of 25,5 % from the increased capital and dopemissija actions on 39,2 % of the increased capital, on the estimation confirmed by board of directors, stand 2,07 mlrd dollars, - he marks. - at the current prices the same package costs 1,82 mlrd dollars that on 14 % it is less .

Analysts do not exclude that similar schemes KES can use and for attraction of means for purchase dopemissy and state share TGK - 7, TGK - 6 and TGK - 9. According to the head of analytical management IFK Alemar Vasily Konuzina, in 4 mlrd dollars the company promptly comes nearer to a threshold, and ahead some more large purchases.

we will remind, the head of the company Michael Slobodin declared in September plans to spend the next two years 4 mlrd dollars for transactions on merges and absorption, half of this sum will be made by bank loans. He noticed that money for control reception in TGK - 9 are already reserved also the company prepares the transaction on attraction of means for control purchase in TGK - 7. Head KES - Holding has informed that 1 mlrd the dollars can be obtained for the account portfelnyh operations with power network actives and 1 more mlrd dollars - own means of holding.

however even if means for control reception in TGK - 5 at KES are, he will be compelled to buy some percent of shares in the market. Yesterday the company has summed up the obligatory offer. After its realisation share KES - Holding in genkompanii together with affiliated persons has made 46,125 %.