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The rich and unfair world

0,7 % of households supervise third of world riches

Throughout last five years world riches increases and in 2006 has closely come nearer to 100 trln dollars, is told in the report of consulting company Boston Consulting Group published today (BG). But the inequality increases in its distribution also: more last year it was necessary than third of this sum on 0,7 % of world families. Almost it is necessary two third of the general world riches to the North America and Europe though the greatest rates of increase show developing countries.

according to BCG, in 2006 world riches (which is understood as set of actives as management worldwide) has grown on 7,5 %, with 87,6 trln to 97,9 trln dollars growth of stock market and national economies, and also growth IPO " became Major factors of growth of well-being; - chairman BCG Russia and Ukraine has explained daily Shtefan Dertnig. Thus in BCG predict that the next years rates of increase remain high, not below 5 %. So, next year the universal volume of actives under management will exceed a mark in 100 trln dollars and will make 105,3 trln dollars And in 2008 the world riches will exceed 128,6 trln dollars

Thus rich families (with actives under management over 100 thousand dollars) make only 16,5 % from all households in the world, but on them 86,3 % of world well-being are necessary. Since 2001 the share of their means in actives under management has grown with 51,4 trln to 84,5 trln dollars At the same time this indicator for rather poor households was reduced, however, as authors of the report, " mark; only slightly . Moreover, as underline in BCG, third world (33,2 trln dollars) Riches 0,7 % of families - millionaires worldwide belong. This 9,6 million the richest households, having actives from 1 million dollars and above.

as to riches distribution on regions the most well-founded are the North America (36,2 trln dollars) and Europe (33 trln dollars). In total on these regions 27 % of households and 71 % of world actives are necessary. They are followed by Japan (11,9 trln dollars) and other countries Asian - Pacific region (10,6 trln dollars). The least share of world actives under management is necessary to Latin America (3,4 trln dollars) and Africa with near the East (2,9 trln dollars) .

However in spite of the fact that the developed countries while are in the lead at well-being distribution in the world, its gain above in developing countries. In 2006 rates of a gain of actives under management in the North America and Europe have made 8 trln and 5,8 trln dollars While for ATR and Latin America this indicator is equal 12,8 trln dollars China already now is on the fifth place on number of households - millionaires, conceding only the USA, Japan, Great Britain and Germany. Nevertheless in the near future to wait for changes on a card of world riches it is not necessary. On the countries outside of the North America and Europe it is necessary only 30 trln dollars Therefore will pass a lot of time while the countries like China or Brazil can catch up with them - has underlined Shtefan Dertnig