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Automobile records of autumn

September sales of Ford in the USA have fallen to 21 %

In the USA there was data about indicators of sales of leading world manufacturers of cars for September. Considerable decrease in sales of Ford Motor Co became the main negative of an early autumn on key for global car industry the American market., which has made almost 21 %. the Big three where along with Ford motorcar giants of General Motors Corp enter. And Chrysler LLC, continues to concede to competitors from Asia - Nissan Motor Co. And Honda Motor Co. Experts notice that absence of bright growth of leaders of the world autoindustry in the USA speaks about weakening interest of the American buyer to new cars. In the conditions of crisis of the American economy many do not hasten in banks behind credits and behind cars to dealers.

according to Autodata, in the USA the general decrease in sales of all basic manufacturers of cars has made in September of 2,9 %. Ford has sold less than 190 thousand Cars (see the table) that much less the volumes predicted by analysts for September. Was considered that decrease will not be so scale and will make about 4 % that would converge with indicators of other motorcar giants. So, Chrysler were sold on 5,4 % of cars less, and by its Japanese competitor of Toyota Motor Corp., despite quite good annual prospects, has finished September with decrease on 4,4 %. Thus against falling of indicators of Ford other participant the big three the company of General Motors, has finished September with small growth on 0,3 %. Our indicator of a share of the market, 25 % making more in the last quarter, shows that buyers like our new products, and also speaks about progress of our strategy of improvement in the North America - vice-president GM Mark Laniv has declared.

Among other participants of the American market who has begun autumn by growth of sales, Nissan and Honda appear. In particular, Honda growth is in many respects based on good results of sales of new model Accord. As a whole the Asian brands have occupied in September of 42,1 % of the market, thus the American cars have grasped the a bit big share of 50,8 %, and the European marks managed modest 7,1 %. According to experts, soon the American and Asian competitors can exchange in places: judging by September results, the big three already suffers from an economic crisis in the USA which has poured out, in particular, in reduction of demand from the companies, rendering rolling services.

the Asian manufacturers actively increase portfolios of products for the American market. Experts notice that they in it are much more successful than the competitors from the USA or Europe. Ford gradually loses a transport segment, reducing sales for the rolling companies, reducing a share of corporate cars, - the analyst of branch consulting agency CSM Worldwide Michael Robinet has declared daily. - thus Ford tries to improve quality of the sales on the future that means certain losses in volumes . Ford problems are connected also by that the company was historically strong in a number of key segments. In particular, it is a question of full-size pickups which in September managed to be realised on 20 % less.

Credit crisis, and also problems in the housing market have struck on motor-car manufacturers - buyers became obviously prizhimistee. So, sales of all-wheel drive off-road cars, trucks and other cars consuming more of fuel, continue to decrease. For Ford this indicator has decreased for 9 % whereas Toyota has suffered here not so seriously - decrease has made 5,7 %. In general, between Ford and Toyota today many consider struggle as the main intrigue: whether can when - nibud the American manufacturer again to take the second place on sales which now belongs to Japanese? Michael Robinet considers also important an indicator of profitableness of the company. Herein the program of reduction of expenses which continues to spend Ford, can soon bear fruit.

who now the first, the second or the third - is so essential to any motor-car manufacturer how much for it profitableness is important. If the company considers it necessary to lower volumes to be more profitable, I for that it has made it - the expert has told.

Sales of cars to the USA, September


the Company

Quantity of cars

Change in comparison with September, 2006, %

General Motors





- 4,4

Ford Motor


- 20,4

- 5,4







the Source: Autodata