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Consumer credits bring in the State Duma

association Russia did not begin to wait the government

Yesterday the vice-president of bank committee of the State Duma Anatoly Aksakov has declared that within the next few days it will introduce in parliament the bill About the consumer credit prepared by association of regional banks Russia . Meanwhile, as the director of department of a financial policy of the Ministry of Finance Alexey Savatjugin has declared daily, the government will be brought also in the State Duma by the variant of the bill with the same name, truth when it will occur, he does not know.

the bill About the consumer credit developed by the Ministry of Finance, it is focused exclusively on the credit organisations and does not regulate activity of the companies which give out loans, including for consumer needs. The alternative variant prepared by association Russia Extends on the credit and not credit organisations, also the rights are registered in it and duties kollektorskih agencies. Thus both variants urged to protect borrowers from unfair creditors.

according to Anatoly Aksakov, there is no sense more to wait, when the government will present to the State Duma the variant of the bill About the consumer credit therefore in the nearest future he will submit for consideration deputies the project with the same name developed by association Russia . As our variant is based on the concept which lies and in a basis minfinovskogo the bill, - Anatoly Aksakov has added. - we simply took it and have finished . As he said, the further tightening of entering of the bill About the consumer credit promotes razregulirovannosti the consumer crediting market: In absence of accurate game rules in this market Rospotrebnadzor, not to mention dissatisfied borrowers who almost in a mass order address in court try to put things in order the State Office of Public Prosecutor.

in addition on the Internet announcements of granting of consumer credits quickly and without any inquiries have started to appear, - has told g - n Aksakov. Are swindlers who the actions create additional problems to borrowers and the credit organisations. Meanwhile our bill regulates activity of credit brokers and registers their responsibility, including criminal .

Let bring, - Alexey Savatjugin has declared. - We have not the right to forbid to introduce to deputies of the State Duma the bills. However the government also intends to bring the variant of the bill About the consumer credit . However, as it will be fast, I do not know . According to Anatoly Aksakov, he hopes that developed Russia the bill About the consumer credit it will be accepted till the end of autumn session.

however the first vice-president of bank committee of the State Duma Pavel Medvedev considers that at the bill prepared by association Russia practically there are no chances of passage through the State Duma. in my opinion, the governmental variant is worked in more details and in case of its entering into the Duma will get doubtless support as from the representative of the government in the lower chamber of Federal meeting, and from deputies - Pavel Medvedev has concluded.