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Supporting liquidity

banks deduced money from the Central Bank

Thirty largest banks of Russia in August on 28 % have lowered volume of means on bank accounts of Russia, deducing rouble liquidity. Besides, for a month the credits given by banks in market MBK, have increased by 15 %. Experts notice that the given indicators estimate crisis of liquidity which has an effect from the middle of August.

According to published yesterday Bank of Russia to the review the Summary statistical information on the largest banks as of September, 1st, 2007 accounts 30 of the largest banks in the Central Bank and the authorised bodies of other countries have decreased for August for 28 %, to 540,341 mlrd rbl. of the Bank account of Russia are one of the most liquid actives of commercial banks and in this connection are most sensitive to deficiency of liquidity.

After an account cash in the Central Bank are the most liquid reserves, and it is quite clear, why they have decreased: in August the volume of roubles in the market promptly decreased, foreign investors actively deduced currency from Russia, but also, tax payments " were spent; - the analyst of exchequer VTB Nikolay Kascheyev speaks. Also, according to Bank of Russia, the commercial organisations have sold in August of debt papers on 59 mlrd rbl.

the Conclusion of means of non-residents from Russia it is possible to track on such indicators as correspondent accounts of banks of non-residents in the largest Russian banks which for August have decreased on 36 %, to 8,271 mlrd the rbl. could affect reduction of this indicator a credibility gap in the world markets, and also closing of positions of banks - the non-residents reserved under purchase of some Russian actives, for example YUKOS.

Besides, according to the Central Bank, in August volumes of means of the largest Russian banks on corresponding accounts in banks - non-residents have increased by 40 %, to 114,984 mlrd rbl. Decrease in volume of means of banks - non-residents to Russia and increase in accounts of the Russian banks abroad most likely is connected with a credibility gap. In crisis foreign banks have overestimated the correspondents while the Russian banks continued to work actively with them - the group economist of Alpha bank Natalia Orlova speaks.

As the chief of analytical management FK " marks; Opening Halil Shehmametev, for a long time a share of foreign actives of the Russian banks in all bank system decreased: For April, 1st the share of foreign actives made 15 %, and for August, 1st of 10,9 %. Probably, in August there was a local bottom of foreign actives after which growth " has begun;. On the other hand, through accounts of the Russian banks non-residents deduce dollars from the market of Russia while on balance it is reflected in growth of means in accounts in foreign banks.

also in the summary information on 30 largest banks the data on growth on 15 %, to 830 mlrd rbl., volume " is cited; credits, deposits and other placed means given to banks and it not that other, as volumes of the credits given in market MBK. According to Nikolay Kascheyev, growth MBK in August also is connected with deficiency of liquidity during the period when big banks performed operations on crediting of banks of the second and third circle.