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Georgia in the NATO do not wait

Michael Saakashvili`s figure ceases to arrange the West

the Secretary general of NATO Jaap de with Hoop Sheffer during official visit to Tbilisi has let know to a management of Georgia that in an alliance it is not necessary to wait for immediate reception of republic. Before to apply for membership in an alliance, Georgia it is necessary to settle conflicts to unrecognized republics in the territory. Meanwhile the reason can be and in other: the West does not exclude a variant of replacement of disputed president Michael Saakashvili on more reserved and weighed politician. For example, the speaker of parliament of Nino Burjanadze.

during the two-day visit which has come to the end yesterday de Hoop Sheffer repeatedly underlined that the question on the introduction of Georgia in the NATO will dare member countries of an alliance and any country has no veto in this question. The secretary general meant Russia, however yesterday was found out that at least one of NATO member states also opposes expansions of an alliance at the expense of Georgia. The Minister of Defence of France Erve of Moraines has declared that its country will support the introduction of Georgia into the NATO only in the event that it will not look as threat concerning Russia .

Recently NATO member states have many questions to Georgia in connection with presence in the country of political prisoners and a course of democratic processes, have declared the party leader the Way of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili after a meeting with the representative of the secretary general of the NATO on Southern caucasus Bobom Simmonsom. With what it is connected, g - zha Zurabishvili has not specified, however it is known that representatives of opposition have received from the secretary general of the NATO the invitation to Bruxelles where they can state the vision of events occurring in Georgia. we have shown discontent because in the visit schedule of the secretary general of the NATO there was no meeting with opposition. To us have answered that the visit schedule completely in hands of the president of Georgia - has declared g - zha Zurabishvili.

Unexpected performance of France speaks about change in moods of the European countries in relation to the operating Georgian power. The scandals developed round the person of Saakashvili, charge in its address from party Iraklija Okruashvili have seriously damped Saakashvili`s reputation. Yesterday the party leader Imedi Irina Sarishvili - Chanturija has made a startler that the prime minister - the minister of Georgia Zurab Zhvanija found dead on February, 3rd, 2005, has been strangled in one of office cars of the president of Georgia.

according to expert IMEMO Michael Saakashvili`s figure as the partner in an alliance does not arrange Vladimir Yevseyev`s Russian Academy of Sciences, a management of the majority of NATO member states. Saakashvili positions itself not as proNATO and as unequivocally pro-American politician, - has noted the expert. - not in the NATO it is pleasant to all . Nino Burjanadze can become a compromise figure, according to political scientists. Suspension of its judgements and spotless reputation in a greater degree arrange the western partners. Georgia supports normal relations with Russia and does not demand from the West to go on confrontation, - has declared yesterday g - zha Burjanadze. - we want, that the West states have concerned objectively to Georgian - to the Russian relations instead of so that to consider interests of Russia as big state .