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Withdrawal on - sochinski

deputies localise a ground lawlessness

the Order of withdrawal of the earths in Sochi for building of the Olympic objects breaks the rights of proprietors across all Russia. To such conclusion committee-men of the State Duma under the property have come yesterday, having considered the second bill from the Olympic package. Nevertheless the document has been recommended to acceptance in the first reading.

amendments to Ground and Civil codes in connection with the organisation and carrying out of winter Olympic games of 2014 have been developed MERT and brought by group of deputies - United Russia party members in one package with the bill of creation of the Olympic state corporation. They establish an order of withdrawal of the earths for building of sports objects. Expecting discontent of inhabitants, whose houses have got to a building zone, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has recommended not to offend proprietors.

Wishes of the president are how much considered by bill preparation, committee-men under the property yesterday solved. Under the power current legislation have the right to withdraw the earths for state needs, but are obliged to warn about it the proprietor for a year. In this time the parties should agree about mutually advantageous conditions. Compulsory eviction is possible only in a judicial order if negotiations have not brought results. New rules allow to reduce to the authorities annual term of the coordination of interests. On the notice of proprietors month from the date of decision-making on ground area withdrawal is taken away all. And in writing it to do not necessarily, there is enough information publication in the local newspaper. Challenge the fact of withdrawal the citizen cannot, the only thing that to it remains, - to achieve in court of adequate indemnification.

deputies though have approved the document concept, in a root have disagreed with its many norms. The main claim - universality of offered norms. If they are accepted, the simplified order of withdrawal will operate not only in Sochi, and in all territory of Russia. As the head of committee of the property Victor Pleskachevsky has noted, it is necessary to eliminate from amendments of norm of the general action and to fix features of withdrawal of the property only for a city of Sochi. It is a lot of censures at committee have caused compensatory norms. According to the bill, the proprietor can refuse monetary indemnification and demand a new ground instead of the withdrawn. However the site choice is possible only in the presence of the free earths in the state property. Such order as it is marked in the committee conclusion, will lead to that the authorities, being covered with absence of ground resources, will pay off with the former proprietors only money. It is not excluded that monetary indemnification can not suffice on habitation purchase. Deputies do not wish to give to officials and the right to use cadastral cost in other purposes, except the taxation.

as committee-man Maxim Rohmistrov has noted yesterday, already now the Sochi authorities take down quite legal constructions, but compensate to the owner of copeck. if and further will go, instead of the Olympic Games we will receive the second caucasus - the deputy has told.