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Russian - the Chinese NATO

at summit ODKB in Dushanbe is expected tomorrow sensation - signing of the Report on interaction between ODKB and SHOS.

Experts already speak about creation of the largest military - the political block which the challenge of the NATO not only in Central Asia, but also on all Euroasian continent will throw down.

structures of the organisations are very similar, - the director of the Kazakh Group of an estimation of risks of Dosym Satpaev marks, - and many participants ODKB simultaneously enter in SHOS . The Organization of the Contract on collective safety includes Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. In the Shanghai organisation of cooperation - Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

report signing was declared on October, 2nd by secretary general ODKB Nikolay Bordyuzha by which words, secretary general SHOS is invited to session in Dushanbe. It is the first document on an establishment of official relations between two organisations uniting Russia, China and the countries of Central Asia. The report assumes cooperation in safety issues, struggle against the narcotraffic, in postdisputed arrangement of Afghanistan, and also in counteraction sphere to political and religious extremism. On August, 1st during the video bridge Moscow - Beijing Bordyuzha has declared that the organisation is ready to the highest level of integration with SHOS. He also considers expedient carrying out of joint doctrines SHOS and ODKB.

the Russian observers notice that in case of report signing China becomes the strategic partner of Armenia and Belarus, in Eurasia there will be a geopolitical axis Minsk - Moscow - Beijing, and the new block becomes a powerful counterbalance of the NATO and Guam. It is not excluded that about joining to Russian - to the Chinese NATO Turkmenia declares, whose president Gurbanguly Berdymuhamedov has already arrived to Dushanbe.

The Western political scientists show scepticism. I would not began to exaggerate a role of China in military - political cooperation with Russia, - the expert of the Moscow centre Carnegie Alexey Malashenko marks. - SHOS to China it is necessary first of all as the economic tool. China conducts the multivector policy, puts up huge money in economy of the USA, in Beijing hundred times said that do not think of any opposition. At the same time Chineses gradually refuse the Russian military technologies and force out Russia from the Central Asia .

According to the expert of the centre Open economy Peter Kozmy, are partly right both those and others. on the one hand, for China SHOS really tool of economic expansion in Central Asia and Beijing separates from scale military projects, preferring to speak about anti-terror - he speaks. - But with another - joint doctrines SHOS and ODKB will be more and more scale, while a side between anti-terror and by full-scale military cooperation it will not be erased .

It is favourable everything, experts consider. China digs channels with which at any moment it is possible to fill with water. Central Asia overcomes a call from the American and European capitals. Russia receives the NATO counterbalance. Contradictions between China and Russia, of course, are - but unless they are not present in the NATO between the same Turkey and Greece? - notices g - n Kozma.