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sociologists have deduced percent of recognition of party three

Yesterday VTSIOM has published results of poll about degree of recognition of leaders of party lists. To the analysis have undergone to Union of Right Forces, the Apple Fair Russia LDPR and the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Everywhere, except the Union of Right Forces, the most recognise recognise leaders of parties. And in Union of Right Forces on popularity Boris Nemtsov is in the lead being on the second line of the list. Experts consider that on the base logic of voting recognition of leaders influences not strongly.

according to VTSIOM, in each of the first three of parties to the majority of Russians one politician is known only. In Union of Right Forces Boris Nemtsov who is on the second line of the list became this politician, - it do not know only 11 % of Russians while the present leader right Nikita Belyh and Mariettu Chudakovu taking of the third position in partspiske, do not know 56 and 73 % accordingly. Boris Nemtsov has explained daily that the voter does not pay special attention to how places in partspiske were distributed: the Place in the list one command has no special value, we. Insufficient recognition of the party leader will not render negative influence on an outcome of elections .

the Leader the Apple Grigory Javlinsky is known by 93 % of Russians whereas the second person in Sergey Ivanenko`s list and the third Sergey Kovaleva learn approximately on 35 %. The leader eserov Sergey Mironov is known 86 % of inhabitants of the country following it under the party list Svetlana Gorjachevu and Sergey Shargunova know 43 and 27 % accordingly.

the leader the liberal - Vladimir Zhirinovsky`s democrats is not known by only 3 % of Russians, and its followers Alexander Lugovogo and Igor Lebedev (he/she is Zhirinovsky`s son) - approximately on 21 %. Has almost caught up with the leader of LDPR on recognition the red leader Gennady Zyuganov: the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is not known only 4 % of the population. Jores Alfyorov and Nikolay Haritonova from the list of Communist Party do not know about 53 % of Russians.

in spite of the fact that estimations of leaders of public opinion mainly negative, parties nevertheless have decided to put forward them on the first places in the lists. this certificate of that a role of leaders in modern parties falls, and on the foreground the ideology of parties " is put forward; - the chief of the department of political researches VTSIOM Stepan Lvov speaks. He considers that the fact of placing of Nikita Belyh in partspiske on the second place says Union of Right Forces and displacement of one of founders of party of Boris Nemtsov to the first that the party is at a stage of transformation from liderskoj parties to party of professional type: Trying to involve the new supporters who are guided not on qualities of leaders, and on political professionalism, the Union of Right Forces can partially lose adherents with the experience which involved before names of its former leaders - Anatoly Chubays, Irina Khakamada, Boris Nemtsov .

the Expert of Institute of social systems Dmitry Badovsky believes that the recognition factor to a lesser degree influences the base logic of voting, on nuclear electorate, on those who is ready to vote per lot in any conditions . Nikita Belyh is not known more by than half of Russians, but more than half of Russians for Union of Right Forces and are not going to vote - the expert considers.