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The Russian Railway will be added by speeds

the company will develop high-speed movement on 18 directions

the Russian railways have decided not to be limited to creation of high-speed movement between Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Helsinki. In company plans - considerably to increase speed of passenger transportations almost on two tens directions. Basically it concerns such large transport knots, as Krasnodar, Samara, Novosibirsk.

in June of last year of Open Society the Russian Railway the Program of the organisation of high-speed and high-speed movement on a network of the railways of Russia on prospect till 2020 has been confirmed. According to this program, in the end of 2009 of the Russian Railway plan to start in operation the first of eight trains Velaro RUS of manufacture of German concern Siemens on a route Moscow - St.-Petersburg. Besides, possibility of building of a separate high-speed railway line between two capitals is considered. For the organisation of high-speed movement on a direction St.-Petersburg - Helsinki with the Finnish railwaymen joint venture Oy Karelian Trains is created, and with the French company Alstom the contract on delivery of four trains of series Pendolino is signed. Yesterday some details of the Program of development of high-speed and high-speed movement on the railways of Russia till 2020 became known: the vice-president of the Russian Railway Valentine Gapanovich has presented it within the limits of Russian - the Spanish seminar on high-speed movement. The basic direction of the program is the organisation of high-speed and high-speed movement by a rolling stock with places for sitting for maintenance vysokokomfortnyh trips in due course findings in a way to six - eight hours.

As a result of the analysis of transport communications between the largest cities of the Russian Federation 18 directions with a steady volume of passenger traffic where introduction of high-speed passenger traffic is expedient are considered and selected, - have explained daily in a press - Russian Railway service. Are large transport knots, such as Sankt - Petersburg, Moscow, Krasnodar, Samara and Novosibirsk where by 2010 growth of volumes of passenger traffic at level of 10-13 % " is expected;. According to the Russian Railway, only building of a high-speed line between Moscow and Peter will allow to involve in addition passengers and to provide in 2010 transportation of 9,1 million persons, including in the high-speed message - 5,5 million passengers.

According to the program, in the message Moscow - St.-Petersburg the maximum realised speed of movement should make not less than 250 km/ ch, in the message St.-Petersburg - Buslovsky (border with Finland) - to 200 km/ ch, in other messages - from 140 to 200 km/ ch. For performance of the program of development of the high-speed passenger message it is planned to buy not less than 50 trains, capable to accelerate momentum to 200 km/ ch - have told daily in a press - Russian Railway service.

other details of the given program in the Russian Railway could not inform. But it is clear that investments into program realisation be required scale. With Siemens the Russian Railway have concluded two contracts on delivery and service of trains by total cost of 600 million euro, with Alstom - cost of 120 million euro. As the chief of the Gorki railway Sergey Kozyrev has informed this week, project cost on the organisation of high-speed movement on a site Nizhni Novgorod - Moscow is estimated in 10 mlrd rbl. However, according to analysts, for scale start of this project it is required to test at first its success on directions Moscow - Peter and Peter - Helsinki. In case of their success through two - three years it will be possible to begin realisation of following projects, building will take as early as two years. Total it turns out that realisation of projects in Samara and Novosibirsk can occur not earlier than 2015-2017, - analyst IK " speaks daily; Brokerkreditservis Anastas Zhdanova. - the Krasnodar knot in case of strategy acceptance, obviously, should be realised till 2014, to the Olympic Games .